Cuttlefish: Multi-display

The Cuttlefish multi-display feature lets you create Cuttlefish devices with multiple displays to emulate devices such as foldable phones and Android Auto devices. Figure 1 shows an example of a Cuttlefish device with multiple displays.

Cuttlefish multi-display

Figure 1. Example Cuttlefish device with multiple displays

Launch with multiple displays

To configure a Cuttlefish device to have multiple displays during launch, use the --display command line flag. For example:

cvd start \
--display=width=1080,height=600 \
--display=width=400,height=600,dpi=120 \

App usage

To start an app on a specific display, use the --display flag. For example, to launch the dialer app on display 1, run the following command.

adb shell am start-activity -n --display 1