IAndroidDebugBridge Interface definition for AndroidDebugBridge methods used in this package. 
IDeviceManager Interface for managing the set of available devices for testing. 
IDeviceManager.IFastbootListener A listener for fastboot state changes. 
IDeviceMonitor Interface for monitoring state of devices. 
IDeviceRecovery Interface for recovering a device that has gone offline. 
IDeviceSelection Interface for device selection criteria. 
IDeviceStateMonitor Provides facilities for monitoring the state of a IDevice
IFileEntry Interface definition that provides simpler, mockable contract to FileListingService.FileEntry methods. 
ITestDevice Provides an reliable and slightly higher level API to a ddmlib IDevice


BackgroundDeviceAction Runs a command on a given device repeating as necessary until the action is canceled. 
CollectingByteOutputReceiver A IShellOutputReceiver which collects the whole shell output into a byte[]
CollectingOutputReceiver A IShellOutputReceiver which collects the whole shell output into one String
CpuStatsCollector Helper class which runs cpustats continuously on an ITestDevice and parses the output. 
CpuStatsCollector.CpuStats Class for holding parsed output data for a single cpustats output. 
CpuStatsCollector.CpuStatsReceiver Receiver which parses the output from cpustats and optionally logs to a file. 
DeviceDiagTest A test that diagnoses the devices available to run tests. 
DeviceSelectionOptions Container for for device selection criteria. 
IDeviceMonitor.DeviceLister A Runnable-like class that should return the known devices and their states. 
ITestDevice.MountPointInfo A simple struct class to store information about a single mountpoint  
LargeOutputReceiver A class designed to help run long running commands collect output. 
LogcatReceiver Class that collects logcat in background. 
ReconnectingRecovery Recovers a device by re-establishing a TCP connection via the adb server on the host. 
StubDeviceRecovery Empty implementation of a IDeviceRecovery
TestDeviceOptions Container for ITestDevice Options  
TopHelper Helper class which runs top continuously on an ITestDevice and parses the output. 
TopHelper.TopStats Class for holding the parsed output for a single top output. 
WaitDeviceRecovery A simple implementation of a IDeviceRecovery that waits for device to be online and respond to simple commands. 
WifiHelper Helper class for manipulating wifi services on device. 


TestDeviceState A more fully featured representation of device state than IDevice.DeviceState


DeviceFatalError Thrown when a fatal error has occurred with device, and it should no longer be used for testing. 
DeviceNotAvailableException Thrown when a device is no longer available for testing. 
DeviceUnresponsiveException A specialization of DeviceNotAvailableException that indicates device is visible to adb, but is unresponsive (ie commands timing out, won't boot, etc)