Brand Guidelines

The "Android" name, the Android logo, the "Google Play" brand, and other Google trademarks are property of Google LLC and not part of the assets available through the Android Open Source Project.

If you are interested in using these brands to indicate their association with your device, adhere to the guidelines on this page. These guidelines correspond to and complement the Brand Guidelines for Android App Developers and Google Brand Permissions.


The use of "Android" on a hardware device and packaging or marketing materials related to that hardware device is restricted to Android compatible devices only.

  • Android™ should have a trademark symbol the first time it appears in a creative.
  • "Android" should always be capitalized and is never plural or possessive.
  • “Android” should never be used in the name of your product or as the primary or dominant mark on your packaging or device.
  • "Android” should be used only as a term to refer to the operating system (OS) of your device. If you are unsure whether your use meets our guidelines, follow this simple test: If you can replace "Android" with "the Android platform" and the text still makes sense, then you may use this term.
    • Incorrect: "Android XBrand Phone"
    • Correct: "XBrand phone on Android"
  • You may use “with Android” in plain black text with your logo. If used with your logo, "with Android" should be no larger than 90% of your logo’s size. The first or most prominent instance of this use should be followed by a ™ symbol.
  • Android may be used only as a descriptor, as long as it is followed by a proper generic term. It cannot be framed as the product name or brand of your device.
    • Incorrect: "Android XBrand Phone"
    • Correct: "Android mobile device"
  • Google reserves the right to require Android and/or Google branding on compatible devices and any related materials, which includes but is not limited to packaging, boot-up sequence, and marketing materials.
  • Any use of the Android name must include this attribution in your communication:

    Android is a trademark of Google LLC.

Acceptable examples

Jelly Bean trademark example 8100 series trademark example

Unacceptable example

XBrand trademark example

Android logo

Unless expressly authorized by Google through written agreement, the Android logo and custom typeface may not be used (with or without the Android robot).

No Logo No Logo

Android robot

The Android robot can be used, reproduced, and modified freely in marketing communications with proper attribution. For details, refer to App Developers Brand Guidelines and the Creative Commons license.


The Android Peace Robot or any variation of the Android Peace Robot (such as the Android robot with a peace sign) may not be used in partner marketing.

Google Play

Use of the “Google Play” name and the Google Play Store icon on the packaging of the hardware, marketing materials of the hardware, or the hardware itself is allowed only on devices licensed to access Google Play. For a list of devices licensed to use Google Play, refer to Supported devices.

Other brands

Android Auto, Android TV, and Wear OS by Google are brands owned by Google. These brands require Google proprietary software that runs on top of Android and is available only through a license with Google. For information on how to request a license, see Contact Us.


For additional brand usage information, contact the Android Partner Marketing team by submitting the Partner Brand Inquiry Form.