AfterClassWithInfo Similar guarantees as AfterClass but method annotated must require a TestInformation parameter. 
BeforeClassWithInfo Similar guarantees as BeforeClass but method annotated must require a TestInformation parameter. 


BaseHostJUnit4Test Base test class for running host JUnit4 style tests. 
CarryDnaeError Internal ERROR(/RuntimeException) to carry DeviceNotAvailableException through the JUnit4 framework. 
CarryInterruptedException Thrown when test phase timeout is triggered and an InterruptedException needs to be carried from test execution thread to invocation execution thread. 
DeviceParameterizedRunner JUnit4 style parameterized runner for host-side driven parameterized tests. 
DeviceTestRunOptions A builder class for options related to running device tests through BaseHostJUnit4Test. 
JUnit4ResultForwarder Result forwarder from JUnit4 Runner. 
RunNotifierWrapper Wrapper of RunNotifier so we can carry the DeviceNotAvailableException