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ILeveledLogOutput Classes which implement this interface provides methods that deal with outputting log messages. 
ILogRegistry An interface for a ILogOutput singleton logger that multiplexes and manages different loggers. 
ITerribleFailureHandler An interface to handle terrible failures from, Throwable)
ITestLogger An entity that can perform logging of data streams of various types. 


BaseLeveledLogOutput A base implementation for ILeveledLogOutput that allows to filtering some tags based on their name or components. 
ConsoleReaderOutputStream An OutputStream that can be used to make System.out.print() play nice with the user's ConsoleReader buffer. 
FileLogger A ILeveledLogOutput that directs log messages to a file and to stdout. 
HistoryLogger TF History Logger, special log that contains only some specific events. 
LogRegistry A ILogRegistry implementation that multiplexes and manages different loggers, using the appropriate one based on the ThreadGroup of the thread making the call. 
LogUtil A logging utility class. 
LogUtil.CLog A shim class for Log that automatically uses the simple classname of the caller as the log tag  
StdoutLogger A ILeveledLogOutput that directs log messages to stdout. 
TerribleFailureEmailHandler A simple handler class that sends an email to interested people when a WTF (What a Terrible Failure) error occurs within a Trade Federation instance. 


ILogRegistry.EventType Events that are useful to be logged