AbstractTunnelMonitor Abstract tunnel monitor for GCE AVD. 
AcloudConfigParser Helper class that parse an Acloud config (used to start a Cloud device instance). 
CommonLogRemoteFileUtil This utility allows to avoid code duplication across the different remote device representation for the remote log fetching logic of common files. 
CommonLogRemoteFileUtil.KnownLogFileEntry A representation of a known log entry for remote devices. 
GceAvdInfo Structure to hold relevant data for a given GCE AVD instance. 
GceManager Helper that manages the GCE calls to start/stop and collect logs from GCE. 
GceRemoteCmdFormatter Utility class to format commands to reach a remote gce device. 
GceSshTunnelMonitor Thread Monitor for the Gce ssh tunnel. 
HostOrchestratorUtil Utility to execute commands via Host Orchestrator on remote instances. 
ManagedRemoteDevice A device running inside a virtual machine that we manage remotely via a Tradefed instance inside the VM. 
NestedDeviceStateMonitor Device state monitor that executes extra checks on nested device to accommodate the specifics of the virtualized environment. 
NestedRemoteDevice Representation of the device running inside a remote Cuttlefish VM. 
OxygenClient A class that manages the use of Oxygen client binary to lease or release Oxygen device. 
OxygenUtil Utility to interact with Oxygen service. 
RemoteAndroidVirtualDevice Extends RemoteAndroidDevice behavior for a full stack android device running in the Google Compute Engine (Gce). 
RemoteFileUtil Utility class to handle file from a remote instance 
RemoteSshUtil Utility to execute ssh commands on remote instances. 
VmRemoteDevice A Remote virtual device that we will manage from inside the Virtual Machine. 


AcloudConfigParser.AcloudKeys Sets of key that can be searched from the configuration. 
GceRemoteCmdFormatter.ScpMode SCP can be used to push or pull file depending of the structure of the args.