IInvocationExecution Interface describing the actions that will be done as part of an invocation. 
IRescheduler Interface for rescheduling a config for future execution. 
ITestInvocation Handles one TradeFederation test invocation. 


DelegatedInvocationExecution InvocationExecution which delegate the execution to another Tradefed binary. 
DeviceUnavailableMonitor This listener attempts to capture a test case level DNAE only. 
InvocationContext Generic implementation of a IInvocationContext
InvocationExecution Class that describes all the invocation steps: build download, target_prep, run tests, clean up. 
ITestInvocation.ExitInformation Represents some exit information for an invocation. 
RemoteInvocationExecution Implementation of InvocationExecution that drives a remote execution. 
ShardListener A ITestInvocationListener that collects results from a invocation shard (aka an invocation split to run on multiple resources in parallel), and forwards them to another listener. 
ShardMainResultForwarder A ResultForwarder that combines the results of a sharded test invocations. 
TestInvocation Default implementation of ITestInvocation
UnexecutedTestReporterThread Threads that takes care of reporting all unexecuted tests. 


TestInvocation.RunMode The different mode an invocation can run into.