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IMultiTargetPreparer Prepares the test environment for several devices together. 


BaseMultiTargetPreparer Base implementation of IMultiTargetPreparer that allows to disable the object. 
HelloWorldMultiTargetPreparer An example implementation of a IMultiTargetPreparer
MergeMultiBuildTargetPreparer A IMultiTargetPreparer that allows to pass information from one build to another by naming them and the file key to copy to the other build. 
MixImageZipPreparer An IMultiTargetPreparer that mixes a system build's images in a device build. 
PairingMultiTargetPreparer A multi-target preparer helps make Bluetooth pairing (and connection) between two devices. 
StubMultiTargetPreparer Placeholder empty implementation of a IMultiTargetPreparer