IModuleParameterHandler The interface for parameters of suites modules. 


FoldableExpandingHandler A IModuleParameterHandler expanding into more for each non-primary foldable configuration. 
FoldableHandler Generic foldable handler that can take the foldable parameters to create a specialized module. 
InstantAppHandler Handler for ModuleParameters#INSTANT_APP
MainlineModuleHandler A simple handler class for Mainline Modules that creates a InstallApexModuleTargetPreparer and injects the dynamic link into it based on the given mainline modules to automatically retrieve those modules. 
ModuleParametersHelper Helper to get the IModuleParameterHandler associated with the parameter. 
NegativeHandler Handler that specify that nothing should be done and the parameter should not create any extra module. 
NotMultiAbiHandler Special handler that notify the SuiteModuleLoader that the secondary abi should not create a module. 
RunOnSdkSandboxHandler Handler for ModuleParameters#RUN_ON_SDK_SANDBOX
SecondaryUserHandler Handler for ModuleParameters#SECONDARY_USER
SecondaryUserOnDefaultDisplayHandler Handler for ModuleParameters#SECONDARY_USER_ON_DEFAULT_DISPLAY
SecondaryUserOnSecondaryDisplayHandler Handler for ModuleParameters#SECONDARY_USER_ON_SECONDARY_DISPLAY


ModuleParameters Special values associated with the suite "parameter" keys in the metadata of each module.