IAppBuildInfo This interface is deprecated. Use IBuildInfo directly. 
IBuildInfo Holds information about the build under test. 
IBuildProvider Responsible for providing info regarding the build under test. 
IDeviceBuildInfo A IBuildInfo that represents a complete Android device build and (optionally) its tests. 
IDeviceBuildProvider A IBuildProvider that uses information from a ITestDevice to retrieve a build. 
IFileDownloader Interface for downloading a remote file. 
IFolderBuildInfo A simple abstract IBuildInfo whose build artifacts are containing in a local filesystem directory. 


AppBuildInfo A IBuildInfo that represents an Android application and its test package(s). 
AppDeviceBuildInfo This class is deprecated. Use IDeviceBuildInfo directly. 
BootstrapBuildProvider A IDeviceBuildProvider that bootstraps build info from the test device

This is typically used for devices with an externally supplied build, i.e. 

BuildInfo Generic implementation of a IBuildInfo that should be associated with a ITestDevice
BuildInfoKey Class holding enumeration related to build information queries. 
BuildRetrievalError A fatal error occurred while retrieving the build for testing. 
BuildSerializedVersion Class that contains the current serialization version of all IBuildInfo
CommandLineBuildInfoBuilder Utility meant to capture the usual build information arguments from a command line and create a IBuildInfo from them. 
DependenciesResolver A new type of provider that allows to get all the dependencies for a test. 
DeviceBuildDescriptor A wrapper class for a IBuildInfo, that contains helper methods to retrieve device platform build information. 
DeviceBuildInfo A IBuildInfo that represents a complete Android device build and (optionally) its tests. 
DeviceFolderBuildInfo A IDeviceBuildInfo that also contains other build artifacts contained in a directory on the local filesystem. 
ExistingBuildProvider A IBuildProvider that returns an already constructed IBuildInfo
FileDownloadCache A helper class that maintains a local filesystem LRU cache of downloaded files. 
FileDownloadCacheFactory A factory for creating FileDownloadCache 
FileDownloadCacheWrapper A wrapper class that provides FileDownloadCache facilities while implementing the IFileDownloader interface. 
FolderBuildInfo Concrete implementation of a IFolderBuildInfo
LocalAppBuildProvider A IBuildProvider that constructs a IBuildInfo based on a provided local path 
LocalDeviceBuildProvider A IBuildProvider that constructs a IDeviceBuildInfo based on a provided filesystem directory path. 
LocalFolderBuildProvider A IBuildProvider that constructs a IFolderBuildInfo based on a provided local path 
OtaDeviceBuildInfo A IDeviceBuildInfo used for over-the-air update testing. 
OtatoolsBuildInfo An IBuildInfo that contains otatools artifacts. 
StubBuildProvider No-op empty implementation of a IBuildProvider
VersionedFile Data structure representing a file that has an associated version. 


BuildInfoKey.BuildInfoFileKey Enum describing all the known file types that can be queried through IBuildInfo.getFile(
IBuildInfo.BuildInfoProperties Some properties that a IBuildInfo can have to tweak some handling of it.