ILogSaver Classes which implement this interface provide methods for storing logs to a central location. 
ILogSaverListener Allows for ITestInvocationListeners to listen for when log files are saved. 
InputStreamSource This interface basically wraps an InputStream to make it clonable. 
IShardableListener A ITestInvocationListener that can be sharded. 
ITestInvocationListener Listener for test results from the test invocation. 
ITestLoggerReceiver An entity that can be injected with an ITestLogger instance so that it can be used for logging purposes. 


AggregatingProfilerListener An ITestInvocationListener which communicates test progress to instances of ITestProfiler
BugreportCollector A pass-through ITestInvocationListener that collects bugreports when configurable events occur and then calls testLog(String, LogDataType, InputStreamSource) on its children after each bugreport is collected. 
BugreportCollector.Predicate A full predicate describing when to capture a bugreport. 
CodeCoverageReporter A ITestInvocationListener that will generate code coverage reports. 
CollectingTestListener A ITestInvocationListener that will collect all test results. 
ConsoleResultReporter Result reporter to print the test results to the console. 
DeviceFileReporter A utility class that checks the device for files and sends them to testLog(String, LogDataType, InputStreamSource) if found. 
DeviceUnavailEmailResultReporter An EmailResultReporter that will send email when invocation fails due to a device not available exception. 
EmailResultReporter A simple result reporter base class that sends emails for test results. 
FailureEmailResultReporter An EmailResultReporter that sends notifications if either a test failure or invocation failure occurred. 
FileInputStreamSource A InputStreamSource that takes an input file. 
FileMetadataCollector A listener that collects and uploads metadata about saved log files. 
FileSystemLogSaver Save logs to a file system. 
InvocationFailureEmailResultReporter An EmailResultReporter that can also restrict notifications to just invocation failures. 
InvocationSummaryHelper Helper class for gathering and reporting TestSummary for set of listeners  
InvocationToJUnitResultForwarder A class that listens to ITestInvocationListener events and forwards them to a TestListener
InvocationToJUnitResultForwarder.TestIdentifierResult A class that converts a TestIdentifier to a JUnit Test TODO: The JUnit TestListener seems to assume a descriptive interface of some sort for Test, that is not in its defined methods. 
JsonHttpTestResultReporter A result reporter that encode test metrics results and branch, device info into JSON and POST into an HTTP service endpoint  
JUnit4ResultForwarder Result forwarder from JUnit4 Runner. 
JUnitToInvocationResultForwarder A class that listens to TestListener events and forwards them to an ITestInvocationListener
LogFile Class to hold the metadata for a saved log file. 
LogFileSaver A helper for ITestInvocationListener's that will save log data to a file  
LogFilesReporter Helper test component that pulls files located on a device and adds them to the test logs. 
LogSaverResultForwarder A ResultForwarder for saving logs with the global file saver. 
NameMangleListener A proxy listener to translate test method, class, and package names as results are reported. 
ResultForwarder A ITestInvocationListener that forwards invocation results to a list of other listeners. 
RetentionFileSaver Helper class for creating a .retention file in a directory. 
SnapshotInputStreamSource A File-backed InputStreamSource. 
StubTestInvocationListener This class is deprecated. Classes should implement ITestInvocationListener directly.  
StubTestRunListener Stub implementation of ITestRunListener  
SubprocessResultsReporter Implements ITestInvocationListener to be specified as a result_reporter and forward from the subprocess the results of tests, test runs, test invocations. 
TestFailureEmailResultReporter An EmailResultReporter that can also restrict notifications to just test failures. 
TestSummary A class to represent a test summary. 
TextResultReporter A test result reporter that forwards results to the JUnit text result printer. 
XmlResultReporter Writes JUnit results to an XML files in a format consistent with Ant's XMLJUnitResultFormatter. 


InvocationStatus A helper enum to represent the invocation status  
LogDataType Represents the data type of log data.