ISandbox Interface defining a sandbox that can be used to run an invocation. 
ISandboxFactory Factory for creating ISandbox


SandboxConfigDump Runner class that creates a IConfiguration based on a command line and dump it to a file. 
SandboxConfigurationException Special Configuration Exception coming from the Sandbox setup. 
SandboxConfigUtil A utility class for managing IConfiguration when doing sandboxing. 
SandboxInvocationRunner Run the tests associated with the invocation in the sandbox. 
SandboxOptions Class that can receive and provide options to a ISandbox
TradefedSandbox Sandbox container that can run a Trade Federation invocation. 
TradefedSandboxFactory Default implementation for SandboxFactory 
TradefedSandboxRunner Runner associated with a TradefedSandbox that will allow executing the sandbox. 
TradefedSandboxRunner.StubScheduledInvocationListener A stub IScheduledInvocationListener that does nothing.