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IClusterClient An interface for interacting with the TFC backend. 
IClusterEvent Interface for any cluster event to be uploaded to TFC. 
IClusterEventUploader<T> Interface for ClusterEventUploader 
IClusterOptions An interface for getting cluster-related options. 


ClusterBuildInfo A IBuildInfo class for builds piped from TFC. 
ClusterBuildProvider A IBuildProvider to download TFC test resources. 
ClusterClient A IClusterClient implementation for interacting with the TFC backend. 
ClusterCommand A class that represents a task fetched from TF Cluster. 
ClusterCommandConfigBuilder A class to build a configuration file for a cluster command. 
ClusterCommandEvent A class to encapsulate cluster command events to be uploaded. 
ClusterCommandLauncher A IRemoteTest class to launch a command from TFC via a subprocess TF. 
ClusterCommandScheduler A ICommandScheduler to support TFC (Tradefed Cluster). 
ClusterCommandStatus A class that represents the state and the cancel reason for a command from TF Cluster. 
ClusterDeviceInfo A class to encapsulate cluster device info to be uploaded. 
ClusterDeviceMonitor An IDeviceMonitor implementation that reports results to the Tradefed Cluster service. 
ClusterEventUploader<T> ClusterEventUploader class, which uploads IClusterEvent to TFC. 
ClusterHostEvent A class to encapsulate cluster host events to be uploaded. 
ClusterHostUtil Static util functions for TF Cluster to get global config instances, host information, etc. 
ClusterLogSaver A ILogSaver class to upload test outputs to TFC. 
InvocationStatus A class to store invocation status. 
SubprocessCommandException A subprocess command failed to run. 
SubprocessConfigBuilder Build a wrapper TF config XML for an existing TF config. 
SubprocessReportingHelper A class to build a wrapper configuration file to use subprocess results reporter for a cluster command. 
TestContext A class to model a TestContext message of TFC API. 
TestEnvironment A class to model a TestEnvironment message returned by TFC API. 
TestGroupStatus A class to store status of a test group. 
TestOutputUploader Uploads test output files to local file system, GCS, or an HTTP(S) endpoint. 
TestResource A class to model a TestResource message returned by TFC API. 
TestResourceDownloader A class to download test resource files from file system/GCS/HTTP. 
TradefedConfigObject A class to model a TradefedConfigObject message of TFC API. 


ClusterCommand.State Command's status in the TF cluster. 
ClusterHostEvent.HostEventType Enums of the different types of host events. 
ClusterLogSaver.FilePickingStrategy File picking strategies. 
TradefedConfigObject.Type A list of configuration object types which can be injected to a cluster command config.