MetricOption Annotation for test methods annotated with @Test, or if the annotation is part of the annotation list of TestDescription that allows to specify some extra parameters useful for: Tuning the behavior of the collectors, filtering some methods. 


IMetricCollector This interface will be added as a decorator when reporting tests results in order to collect matching metrics. 
IMetricCollectorReceiver Interface for IRemoteTests to implement if they need to get the list of IMetricCollectors for the test run. 


BaseDeviceMetricCollector Base implementation of IMetricCollector that allows to start and stop collection on onTestRunStart( and ERROR(/#onTestRunEnd(,Map))
BugreportzOnFailureCollector Collect a bugreportz when a test case fails. 
CollectorHelper Helper to do some IMetricCollector operations needed in several places. 
DebugHostLogOnFailureCollector Collector that will gather and log the host-side logs when a test case failure occurs. 
DeviceMetricData Object to hold all the data collected by metric collectors. 
FilePullerDeviceMetricCollector A BaseDeviceMetricCollector that listen for metrics key coming from the device and pull them as a file from the device. 
FilePullerLogCollector Logger of the file reported by the device-side. 
IncidentReportCollector Pulls and processes incident reports that are reported device-side and collects incident reports host-side at the end of a test run if configured to do so. 
LogcatOnFailureCollector Collector that will capture and log a logcat when a test case fails. 
ScreenshotOnFailureCollector Collector that will capture and log a screenshot when a test case fails. 


AutoLogCollector Enumeration describing which collector can automatically be handled by the harness.