FlashingResourcesParser.Constraint A filtering interface, intended to allow FlashingResourcesParser to ignore some resources that it otherwise might use 
IDeviceFlasher Flashes a device image on a device. 
IFlashingResourcesParser Interface for providing required versions of auxiliary image files needed to flash a device. 
IFlashingResourcesRetriever Interface for retrieving auxiliary image files needed to flash a device. 
IHostCleaner Cleans up the host after the test run has finished. 
ILabPreparer Marker interface for lab preparers

See ITargetPreparer for a description of what these interfaces are intended. 

ITargetCleaner This interface is deprecated. tearDown has been moved to the base ITargetPreparer interface. 
ITargetPreparer Prepares the test environment for the test run. 
ITestsZipInstaller Installs tests from a tests zip file (as outputted by the build system) on a device. 


AllTestAppsInstallSetup A ITargetPreparer that installs all apps from a IDeviceBuildInfo#getTestsDir() folder onto device. 
AoaTargetPreparer ITargetPreparer that executes a series of actions (e.g. clicks and swipes) using the Android Open Accessory (AOAv2) protocol. 
AppSetup A ITargetPreparer that installs an apk and its tests. 
ArtChrootPreparer Create chroot directory for ART tests. 
BaseEmulatorPreparer Common preparer for launching a local emulator. 
BaseTargetPreparer Base implementation class for ITargetPreparer that allows to control whether the object is disabled or not. 
BuildError Thrown if the provided build fails to run. 
BuildInfoRecorder An ITargetPreparer that writes build info meta data into a specified file. 
CdmaDeviceFlasher A class that flashes an image on a physical Android device with a CDMA radio. 
CompileBootImageWithSpeedTargetPreparer Recompiles the boot classpath and system server with the compiler filter 'speed'. 
CpuThrottlingWaiter An ITargetPreparer that waits until max frequency on all cores are restored to highest level available 
CreateUserPreparer Target preparer for creating user and cleaning it up at the end. 
DefaultTestsZipInstaller A default implementation of tests zip installer. 
DeviceActionTargetPreparer A ITargetPreparer to perform device actions. 
DeviceBuildInfoBootStrapper A ITargetPreparer that replaces build info fields with attributes read from device

This is useful for testing devices with builds generated from an external source (e.g. 

DeviceBuildInfoInjector A ITargetPreparer that inserts DeviceBuildDescriptor metadata into the IBuildInfo
DeviceCleaner Performs reboot or format as cleanup action after test, and optionally turns screen off 
DeviceFailedToBootError Thrown if a device fails to boot after being flashed with a build. 
DeviceFlashPreparer A ITargetPreparer that flashes an image on physical Android hardware. 
DeviceImageZipFlashingTargetPreparer A target preparer that flashes the device with device images provided via a specific format. 
DeviceOwnerTargetPreparer An ITargetPreparer that sets up a device owner component. 
DeviceSetup A ITargetPreparer that configures a device for testing based on provided Options. 
DeviceStorageFiller Target preparer to fill up storage so some amount of free space is available. 
DeviceStringPusher Target preparer to write a string to a file. 
DeviceUpdateTargetPreparer An abstract ITargetPreparer that takes care of common steps around updating devices with a device image file from an external source (as opposed to a build service). 
DeviceWiper A ITargetPreparer that wipes userdata 
DisableSELinuxTargetPreparer Target preparer that disables SELinux if enabled. 
DynamicSystemPreparer An ITargetPreparer that sets up a system image on top of a device build with the Dynamic System Update. 
EraseUserDataPreparer A ITargetPreparer that wipes user data on the device. 
FastbootCommandPreparer Target preparer that triggers fastboot and sends fastboot commands. 
FastbootDeviceFlasher A class that relies on fastboot to flash an image on physical Android hardware. 
FastbootUpdateBootstrapPreparer An ITargetPreparer that stages specified files (bootloader, radio, device image zip) into IDeviceBuildInfo to get devices flashed with FastbootDeviceFlasher, then injects post-boot device attributes into the build info for result reporting purposes. 
FeatureFlagTargetPreparer Updates the DeviceConfig (feature flags tuned by a remote service). 
FlashingResourcesParser A class that parses out required versions of auxiliary image files needed to flash a device. 
FlashingResourcesParser.AndroidInfo A typedef for Map<String, MultiMap<String, String>>
FolderSaver A ITargetPreparer that pulls directories off device, compresses and saves it into logging backend. 
GkiDeviceFlashPreparer A target preparer that flash the device with android common kernel generic image. 
GsiDeviceFlashPreparer A target preparer that flashes the device with android generic system image. 
InstallAllTestZipAppsSetup A ITargetPreparer that installs all apps in a test zip. 
InstallApkSetup A ITargetPreparer that installs one or more apks located on the filesystem. 
InstallBuildEnvApkSetup A ITargetPreparer that installs one or more test apks from an Android platform build env. 
InstrumentationPreparer A ITargetPreparer that runs instrumentation 
KillExistingEmulatorPreparer A ITargetPreparer that shuts down a running emulator. 
KnownFailurePreparer Target preparer to skip retrying known failure. 
LocalEmulatorLaunch A TargetPreparer that launches an emulator locally from an android build environment. 
LocalEmulatorSnapshot A TargetPreparer intended for generating a clean emulator snapshot from a android build/development environment 
MixKernelTargetPreparer A ITargetPreparer that allows to mix a kernel image with the device image. 
ModulePusher.ModulePushError Fatal error during Mainline module push. 
NativeLeakCollector A ITargetPreparer that runs 'dumpsys meminfo --unreachable -a' to identify the unreachable native memory currently held by each process. 
PerfettoPreparer Perfetto preparer pushes the config file in to the device at a standard location to which perfetto have access to. 
ProfileTargetPreparer Base class for setting up target preparer for any profile user android.os.usertype.profile.XXX
PushFileInvoker This class is deprecated. Use PushFilePreparer instead 
PushFilePreparer A ITargetPreparer that attempts to push any number of files from any host path to any device path. 
PythonVirtualenvPreparer Sets up a Python virtualenv on the host and installs packages. 
RebootTargetPreparer Target preparer that reboots the device. 
RecoveryLogPreparer A target preparer used to collect logs before recovery. 
RemoveSystemAppPreparer A ITargetPreparer for removing an apk from the system partition before a test run. 
RestartSystemServerTargetPreparer Target preparer that restarts the system server without rebooting the device. 
RootTargetPreparer Target preparer that performs "adb root" or "adb unroot" based on option "force-root". 
RunHostCommandTargetPreparer Target preparer to run arbitrary host commands before and after running the test. 
RunHostScriptTargetPreparer Target preparer which executes a script before running a test. 
RunOnSdkSandboxTargetPreparer An ITargetPreparer to marks that tests should run in the sdk sandbox. 
RunOnSecondaryUserTargetPreparer An ITargetPreparer to ensure that the test runs as a secondary user. 
RunOnSystemUserTargetPreparer An ITargetPreparer that marks that tests should be run on the user (rather than the current user). 
RunOnWorkProfileTargetPreparer An ITargetPreparer that creates a work profile in setup, and marks that tests should be run in that user. 
SemaphoreTokenTargetPreparer This is a preparer used to use token to serialize test excution in tradefed host. 
SideloadOtaTargetPreparer A target preparer that performs sideload of a specified OTA package, applies the package, waits for device to boot up, and injects the device build properties to use as build info

This target preparer assumes that the device will be in regular adb mode when started, and will ensure that the device exits in the same mode but with the newer build applied. 

StopServicesSetup A ITargetPreparer that stops services on the device. 
StubTargetPreparer Placeholder empty implementation of a ITargetPreparer
SwitchUserTargetPreparer A ITargetPreparer that switches to the specified user kind in setUp. 
SystemUpdaterDeviceFlasher A IDeviceFlasher that relies on the system updater to install a system image bundled in a OTA update package. 
TargetSetupError A fatal error occurred while preparing the target for testing. 
TearDownPassThroughPreparer Allows for running tearDown on preparers that are included in a config as an object. 
TemperatureThrottlingWaiter An ITargetPreparer that waits until device's temperature gets down to target 
TestAppInstallSetup A ITargetPreparer that installs one or more apps from a IDeviceBuildInfo.getTestsDir() folder onto device. 
TestFilePushSetup A ITargetPreparer that pushes one or more files/dirs from a IDeviceBuildInfo.getTestsDir() folder onto device. 
TestSystemAppInstallSetup A ITargetPreparer that installs one or more apps from a IDeviceBuildInfo.getTestsDir() folder onto the /system partition on device. 
TimeWaster A simple target preparer to waste time and potentially restart the device. 
UserCleaner A ITargetPreparer that removes secondary users on teardown. 
VisibleBackgroundUserPreparer Target preparer for running tests in a user that is started in the visible in the background. 
WaitForDeviceDatetimePreparer A ITargetPreparer that waits for datetime to be set on device

Optionally this preparer can force a TargetSetupError if datetime is not set within timeout. 

WifiPreparer A ITargetPreparer that configures wifi on the device if necessary. 


AltDirBehavior An enum to define alternative directory behaviors for various test artifact installers/pushers


FlashingMethod An enum to describe the method used to flash device under test 
IDeviceFlasher.UserDataFlashOption Enum of options for handling the userdata image