Android 12L CTS release notes

This page includes the key CTS changes introduced in Android 12L.

CTS modules

In Android 12L, 10 test modules were deleted and no (0) modules were added. See the table below for a list of the deleted modules.

Deleted test module ABI Instant app test
CtsAccountsHostTestCases arm64-v8a Yes
CtsHiddenApiBlocklistApi27TestCases arm64-v8a Yes
CtsHiddenApiBlocklistApi28TestCases arm64-v8a Yes
CtsHiddenApiBlocklistCurrentApiTestCases arm64-v8a Yes
CtsHiddenApiBlocklistDebugClassTestCases arm64-v8a Yes
CtsHiddenApiBlocklistTestApiTestCases arm64-v8a Yes
CtsSystemApiAnnotationTestCases arm64-v8a Yes
CtsSystemApiSignatureTestCases arm64-v8a Yes
CtsTrustedVoiceHostTestCases arm64-v8a
CtsUserspaceRebootHostSideTestCases arm64-v8a