CTS Verifier Pro Audio test

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Android 10 and higher includes a CTS Verifier test for Pro Audio compliance. This test has the following requirements:

  • Required peripherals: If the DUT supports HDMI, an HDMI peripheral is required to verify recognition and connection.

Run the Pro Audio test

Access the CTS Verifier Pro Audio test following the instructions in General instructions.

To run the CTS Verifier Pro Audio test, follow these steps:

  1. Verify that the test screen displays the required features reported by the DUT.

    Pro Audio Test UI

    Figure 1. Pro Audio test, reported features

  2. (Optional) If the DUT supports HDMI devices, select the Has HDMI Support checkbox, then connect an HDMI peripheral to the DUT.

  3. Report test results:

    • If the test screen displays Pass, report the test as passed.
    • If the test screen displays Fail, report the test as failed.