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Integrating the Car UI Library into Apps

Car UI library contains two elements for apps to implent:

  • Components. Java classes that implement a specific behavior. For example, CarUiRecyclerView and Toolbar.

  • Resources. Individual Android resources that represent the knobs available for OEMs to achieve consistency with their own design. The components above use these resources to become customizable.

Applications integrate Car UI library by adding it as a dependency:

  • Android 9 and Android 10 ( file), add the following:

  • Android 11 (and higher) (Android.bp), add the following:

    static_libs: [

For an example of how to use Car UI library components, see the Paintbooth app (/packages/apps/Car/libs/car-ui-lib/tests/paintbooth).

Styling Car UI Components

In general, applications should be able to achieve all necessary functionality by providing data and, in certain cases, images and icons. For example, standard icons such as Back, Close, Search, and Menu are provided by the Car UI library. Engage with Android Automotive Partner Engineering if you find there are missing resources or if there is functionality that can't be achieved with the provided components.