Customize status bar system icons

The status bar, a component of the Android System UI, persistently displays important information to users. This page describes how to customize the status bar system icons. To learn more about overlaying resources, see Customize System UI.

Status bar

Figure 1. Status bar.

Overlays for specific icons

Most resources for items displayed in the status bar are provided in the following directory:


Single icons

Usage Resource Meaning
Alarm stat_sys_alarm An alarm is set.
stat_sys_alarm_dim The device is in zen mode.
Cast stat_sys_cast The device is casting to another device.
Bluetooth stat_sys_data_bluetooth Bluetooth is enabled.
stat_sys_data_bluetooth_connected At least one Bluetooth device is connected.
Data Saver stat_sys_data_saver The device is in Data Saver mode.
Do Not Disturb stat_sys_dnd The device is in Do Not Disturb mode.
Ethernet stat_sys_ethernet Device is connected through Ethernet.
Headset stat_sys_headset A headset is connected.
stat_sys_headset_mic The connected headset has a microphone.
Hotspot stat_sys_hotspot A hotspot is active.
stat_sys_managed_profile_status The profile is being managed.
Ringer stat_sys_ringer_silent The device is in Silent mode.
stat_sys_ringer_vibrate The device is in Vibrate Only mode.
Rotation stat_sys_rotate_landscape The screen is in Landscape mode.
stat_sys_rotate_portrait The screen is in Portrait mode.
Sensors off stat_sys_sensors_off
Teletypewriter mode stat_sys_tty_mode
VPN icons stat_sys_vpn_ic Displayed when the device has enabled VPN and when the version of VPN is branded.
Location perm_group_location Displayed when the current state of location requests is active.
Located in platform/frameworks/base/core/res/res/drawable.

Composite icons

Incoming and outgoing icon indicators Incoming and outgoing activity icon indicators are identical for Wi-Fi and Mobile icons and are displayed in addition to the icons.
ic_activity_down Indicates inbound activity.
ic_activity_up Indicates outbound activity.
Wi-Fi ic_wifi_signal_0
Wi-Fi icons are displayed in the status bar.
The actual icon displayed depends on signal strength.
ic_wifi_signal_0 is the weakest while ic_wifi_signal_4 is the strongest.
Mobile The Mobile icon is positioned so that only one of the following icons is displayed, depending on the type of mobile signal.
stat_sys_airplane_mode Airplane Mode icon
stat_sys_roaming Roaming Mode icon
ic_lte_mobiledata LTE icon
ic_lte_plus_mobiledata LTE Plus icon
ic_g_mobiledata GPRS icon
ic_e_mobiledata Edge icon
ic_h_mobiledata HSDPA icon
ic_h_plus_mobiledata HSDPA Plus icon
ic_3g_mobiledata 3G icon
ic_4g_mobiledata 4G icon
ic_4g_plus_mobiledata 4G Plus icon
ic_5g_e_mobiledata 5G Evolution icon
ic_5g_mobiledata 5G icon
ic_5g_plus_mobiledata 5G Plus icon
ic_1x_mobiledata 1X icon

Special icons

This set of configurations determines whether some icons are displayed (or not):

Value Description
config_showMin3G When set to true, the lowest icon that displays the current data connection level is 3G. Otherwise, as an example, 1x can be displayed.
config_alwaysUseCdmaRssi Set to true if the received signal strength indicator should always display CDMA signal strength, even on Evolution-Data Optimized (EVDO).
config_hspa_data_distinguishable Set to true when the HSPA Data icon is to be distinguished from the Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) Data icon.
config_inflateSignalStrength Set to true to artificially interpret all signal strengths as one bar higher than actual.

The carrier configuration service also uses its own set of configurations to determine if certain icons display. These values are associated with specific SIM cards and cannot be overridden by OEMs. For example:

Value Description
KEY_ALWAYS_SHOW_DATA_RAT_ICON_BOOL Always display the Data icon.

Configure icons

The following general configuration variables apply to all status bar system icons:

Value Description
status_bar_system_icon_size Changes the size of the system icons.
status_bar_system_icon_spacing Determines spacing between system icons.
config_statusBarIconBlacklist Identifies which system icons should never appear in the status bar.
config_statusBarIcons Determines the order in which icons that belong to a configuration should be displayed.