Unbundled Apps Release Notes

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Unbundled apps are those not included in the Android Automotive OS system image and include those listed below. To learn how to integrate unbundled apps into vehicles, see the Integration Guide.

  • Calendar
  • CompanionDevice
  • Dialer
  • Google Automotive App Host
  • Media
  • SMS

The following release notes are specific to Dialer, Media, and SMS.


New features

  • Added a Message button to missed call notification to use Direct Send to reply a missed call.
  • Testing build supports the adding of contacts with an ADB command.
  • Testing build supports the simulation of a fake Bluetooth connection when the user clicks Connect to Bluetooth.
  • Show the phone number for contacts in the incoming call heads-up notification.

Issues addressed

  • Accelerated the speed at which contacts and call logs are loaded and fix the contacts mismatch with different locales between a phone and the head unit.
  • Proguard Dialer APK to speed up on a cold start when built with tapas.
  • When no phones are connected, sped up cold start by moving the No Bluetooth Connection error page away from Dialog.
  • Fixed a crash when the percent sign (%) was entered in the Search box.
  • Enhanced support for Right-to-Left (RTL).
  • Fix duplicate incoming call HUNs if projected becomes active when an incoming call is ringing.
  • Removed android: resources and fixed a dialpad layout issue in which numbers were missing.


New features

  • Added support for Car App Library powered third party settings and error (such as sign-in) pages.
  • Added support for per-item content styles.
  • Added optional progress bars for edia items in the Browse screen.

Issues addressed

  • Fixed NPE in MediaActivityController.
  • Fixed NPE in PlaybackViewModel.
  • Fixed IllegalArgumentException when the list of tabs changes after navigating into browse node.
  • When switching to a new app from the playback screen, don’t send media IDs from the old app to the new app.
  • Keep focus on the same Media button even when its action changes.
  • Add the projection app to the default custom_media_packages list.
  • Moved MenuItems from code to XML for use in RROs.
  • BrowseAdapter#generateViewData no longer creates empty items.


New features

  • Internationalization: Added string translations.
  • Updated the UI and UX to provide more clarity.
  • Updated the app icon.

Issues addressed

  • Created a testing build and set up unit tests, bringing test coverage to about 25%.
  • Exited the app instead of popping up the only fragment on the Back button, which displays a blank screen.
  • Fixed message preview overlapping other elements.
  • Fixed old messages being notified of in an HUN.
  • Fixed order dependent tests.
  • Removed trailing whitespaces in conversations.
  • Fixed muted conversations not updating in the Notification center after receiving a new message.
  • Fixed messages not appearing in notifications.
  • Fixed the conversation list not updating messages when the app is running in background.