Car UI Library Release Notes

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car-ui-lib version 2.3.0

  • Added Support for the following scrollbar attributes:
    • android:fadeScrollbars
    • android:scrollbars
    • android:scrollbarThumbVertical
    • android:scrollbarTrackVertical
    • android:scrollbarStyle
    • android:scrollbarFadeDuration
    • android:verticalScrollbarPosition
    • android:requiresFadingEdge
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed CarUiRecyclerView not maintaining position on Activity recreation.
    • Resolved bitmap serialization incompatibility between the client code and the IME service.
    • Enabled usage of NavHostFragment with PreferenceFragment.

car-ui-lib-plugin-apis version 1.2.0

  • Replaced usage of java.util.function interfaces with the following library interfaces:
  • Deprecated PluginFactoryOEMV3, use PluginFactoryOEMV4 instead.
  • Deprecated ToolbarControllerOEMV1, use ToolbarControllerOEMV2 instead.
  • Deprecated ContentListItemOEMV1, use ContentListItemOEMV2 instead.
  • Deprecated ImeSearchInterfaceOEMV1, use ImeSearchInterfaceOEMV2 instead.
  • Replaced the library implementation of nullness interfaces with androidx.annotations implementations.

car-ui-lib-plugin-apis version 1.1.1

  • Changed minSdkVersion to 28.

car-ui-lib version 2.2.1

  • Introduced CarUiFooterPreference.
  • Changed minSdkVersion to 28.

car-ui-lib-plugin-apis version 1.1.0

  • Deprecated AppStyledViewControllerOEMV1.
  • Introduced AppStyledViewControllerOEMV2.

    Changes from AppStyledViewControllerOEMV1

    public abstract int getContentAreaHeight();
    public abstract int getContentAreaWidth();
  • Deprecated PluginFactoryOEMV1 and PluginFactoryOEMV2.

  • Introduced PluginFactoryOEMV3 interface.

car-ui-lib version 2.1.0

  • New AppStyledView client APIs.

    public int getContentAreaHeight();
    public int getContentAreaWidth();
  • Introduced CarUiPrimarySwitchPreference.

  • Updated AppStyledDialogController constructor to require Activity instead of Context.


    public AppStyledDialogController(;


    public AppStyledDialogController(android.content.Context);

car-ui-lib-plugin-apis version 1.0.1

This version adds nullness annotations.

car-ui-lib-plugin-apis version 1.0.0

This version introduces support for the following car-ui-lib plugins APIs:

  • AppStyledViewDialog
  • CarUiRecyclerView
  • CarUiToolbar
  • CarUiListItems

car-ui-lib version 2.0.0

This version, available on Google Maven, introduces car-ui-lib plugin support for these components:

  • AppStyledViewDialog
  • CarUiRecyclerView
  • CarUiToolbar
  • CarUiListItems

car-ui-lib version 1.0.0

This release is available on AOSP for Android S and below and provides support for: