Android 14 CTS Release Notes

This page includes the key CTS changes introduced in Android 14.

CTS features

Android 14 includes new and updated documentation for the following CTS features.

Area Features Description Added/Updated
Test Highlights Add utility functions to run as carrier service This change introduces new utility functions in CarrierPrivilegeUtils to allow CTS to run as a carrier service (implicitly with carrier privileges) and improve the testability for many carrier APIs and connectivity classes. Updated
Test module Add multi-device CTS tests for Bluetooth This feature allows advertisements to expose only specified GATT services, allowing for better privacy when continuously advertising in connectable mode. Added
Test module Add multi-device CTS tests for UWB ranging distance accuracy Add new test cases for UWB ranging distance measurement accuracy to enforce the UWB CDD requirement. Added
Test module Add CtsDevicePolicySimTestCases to CTS SIM test plan The test case was updated to require a valid SIM as a part of test setup. Added
Test module Added UWB multi-device CTS test suite Added a new UWB multi-device CTS test suite which uses 2 UWB enabled android devices to verify various UWB functionalities. Added
Test module Increased test cases in dEQP module Updated dEQP branch for Android 14 CTS to use vulkan-cts-1.3.5 (instead of 1.3.1). Many new tests are added as this update brings many new tests for the new Vulkan features such as dynamic rendering. Updated
Test Setup Increase heap size to 16GB Increased heap memory size to help execute CTS tests that consume greater memory. Updated
Test Setup Upgrade RAM to 128GB and HDD to 256GB Upgrade host system memory to handle added Java heap space requirements. Updated

CTS Verifier features

Android 14 includes new and updated documentation for the following CTS Verifier features.

Area Features Description Added/Updated
Test Setup Update required peripherals for Dynamic Sensor Test Update CTS Verifier test guidance page to include updated pheripherals and instructions for the dynamic sensor tests. Updated
Test Setup Improve Camera ITS to support Foldable Devices Support foldable device testing in Camera ITS. Made changes in ItsService side to determine the available physical cameras with each fold/open state. Updated
CTS-V test class Wi-Fi Aware pairing Wi-Fi aware pairing provide a encrypt and fast re-auth way for peer-to-peer communication throw Wifi aware. Add test in CTS-V as other multi devices tests for Aware. The test needs both devices support this feature. Added
CTS-V test class Test activities for home Controls embedded panel Starting in Android 14, a new API is provided so apps can use an embedded activity (in the SystemUI controls space) instead of passing the information through the Controls API. New test activities added to enforce the API behavior. Added
CTS-V test class Tests for Presence requirements (BLE & NAN/Wi-Fi Ranging) To ensure that users' smart devices work well together, it's critical that all devices in the Android ecosystem can determine the relative proximity between devices. Android U introduces presence calibration requirements that outline the acceptable performance of available radio technologies such as UWB, Wi-Fi, and BLE that are used to determine proximity. Added
CTS-V test class CTS Verifier for AAudio Disconnect Test to verify that AAudio should disconnect a stream when the stream device is unplugged. Added
CTS-V test class CTS Verifier Screenshot Work Profile test Add new test cases to enforce CDD requirement 3.9.2/C-1-10. User will be instructed to take a screenshot. ContentObserver detects URI of the screenshot saved and displays the result. User must visually confirm the image, which does not contain other apps or SystemUI (status bar, etc). Added
Test Highlights CTS Verifier Capture Content for Notes APIs test. Add new test activity to enforce Notes APIs, which are linked to system note-taking integrations in SysUI. The test can be skipped if the NOTES role isn't enabled. See Capture Content for Notes Tests for more details. Added
Test Setup Execute adb command to turn on the screen automatically when the tests finish Starting in Android 14, android.permission.TURN_SCREEN_ON permission has been added to allow the screen to be turn on after the test is completed. To enable the feature, user will need to execute the adb command adb shell appops set TURN_SCREEN_ON 0 in the setup step. Updated
Test Setup Update Rotation Vector testing instruction Users should download and install the OpenCV Manager on the Android device being tested. Load the APK on the device from a computer using the adb install command with the --bypass-low-target-sdk-block option. For devices running Android 13 or lower, this --bypass-low-target-sdk-block option isn't necessary. For more information, see Install an app. Updated
Test Setup Add adb install notes regarding OpenCV APK Due to a new security feature that was introduced in Android 14, the adb command --bypass-low-target-sdk-block must be added every time when installing the Open CV APK. See Rotation vector CV crosscheck for more information. Added

CTS modules

The number of test modules and test cases are as follows:

  • ~ 1151 modules depending on the devices
  • ~ 4.4M test cases over 2 ABIs

In Android 14, a total of 136 new modules are added and a total of 19 modules are removed. See the following tables for more information.

New modules

Added test module name ABIs Instant App test
AndroidTest_MultiUser arm64-v8a
art-run-test-018-stack-overflow arm64-v8a
art_standalone_dex2oat_cts_tests arm64-v8a
CtsAdIdEndToEndTest arm64-v8a
CtsAdServicesDebuggableDeviceTestCases arm64-v8a
CtsAdServicesEndToEndTestMeasurement arm64-v8a
CtsAdServicesEndToEndTests arm64-v8a
CtsAdServicesHostTests arm64-v8a
CtsAdServicesMddTests arm64-v8a
CtsAdServicesNotInAllowListEndToEndTests arm64-v8a
CtsAdServicesPermissionsAppOptOutEndToEndTests arm64-v8a
CtsAdServicesPermissionsNoPermEndToEndTests arm64-v8a
CtsAdServicesPermissionsValidEndToEndTests arm64-v8a
CtsAdServicesTopicsAppUpdateTests arm64-v8a
CtsAdServicesTopicsConnectionTests arm64-v8a
CtsAppCloningDeviceTestCases arm64-v8a
CtsAppCloningMediaProviderHostTest arm64-v8a
CtsAppCloningMediaProviderHostTest[instant] arm64-v8a Yes
CtsAppFgsTestCases arm64-v8a
CtsAppFgsTestCases[instant] arm64-v8a Yes
CtsAppSetIdEndToEndTest arm64-v8a
CtsAttributionSourceTestCases arm64-v8a
CtsAttributionSourceTestCases[instant] arm64-v8a Yes
CtsBatteryHealthTestCases arm64-v8a
CtsBiometricsHostTestCases arm64-v8a
CtsBluetoothMultiDevicesTestCases arm64-v8a
CtsBroadcastRadioTestCases arm64-v8a
CtsBroadcastTestCases arm64-v8a
CtsCompanionDeviceManagerMultiProcessTestCases arm64-v8a
CtsCompilationTestCases arm64-v8a
CtsContentProviderTestsWithoutVisibility arm64-v8a
CtsContentProviderTestsWithVisibility arm64-v8a
CtsCredentialManagerTestCases arm64-v8a
CtsCurrentApiSignatureTestCases[instant] arm64-v8a Yes
CtsDeviceLockTestCases arm64-v8a
CtsDevicePolicySimTestCases arm64-v8a
CtsDevicePolicySimTestCases[run-on-clone-profile] arm64-v8a
CtsDevicePolicySimTestCases[run-on-secondary-user] arm64-v8a
CtsDevicePolicySimTestCases[run-on-work-profile] arm64-v8a
CtsDevicePolicyTestCases[run-on-clone-profile] arm64-v8a
CtsDomainVerificationDeviceMultiUserTestCases[run-on-clone-profile] arm64-v8a
CtsGrammaticalInflectionHostTestCases arm64-v8a
CtsGrammaticalInflectionTestCases arm64-v8a
CtsHealthConnectControllerTestCases arm64-v8a
CtsHealthConnectHostSideDeviceTestCases arm64-v8a
CtsHealthConnectHostTestCases arm64-v8a
CtsHealthFitnessDeviceTestCases arm64-v8a
CtsHealthFitnessDeviceTestCasesNoPermission arm64-v8a
CtsHealthFitnessDeviceTestCasesNoPermission[instant] arm64-v8a Yes
CtsHibernationTestCases arm64-v8a
CtsJvmtiRunTest1940HostTestCases arm64-v8a
CtsJvmtiRunTest911HostTestCases arm64-v8a
CtsJvmtiRunTest912HostTestCases arm64-v8a
CtsJvmtiRunTest913HostTestCases arm64-v8a
CtsJvmtiRunTest988HostTestCases arm64-v8a
CtsLaunchNonExportedComponentsTestCases arm64-v8a
CtsLocalVoiceInteraction arm64-v8a
CtsLocalVoiceInteraction[instant] arm64-v8a Yes
CtsMediaBetterTogetherTestCases arm64-v8a
CtsMediaBetterTogetherTestCases[instant] arm64-v8a Yes
CtsMediaBetterTogetherTestCases[run-on-clone-profile] arm64-v8a
CtsMediaBetterTogetherTestCases[run-on-secondary-user] arm64-v8a
CtsMediaBetterTogetherTestCases[run-on-work-profile] arm64-v8a
CtsMediaProjectionTestCases arm64-v8a
CtsMediaProjectionTestCases[instant] arm64-v8a Yes
CtsMicrodroidDisabledTestCases arm64-v8a
CtsMultiUserTestCases[run-on-clone-profile] arm64-v8a
CtsNativeResourcesTestCases arm64-v8a
CtsNativeResourcesTestCases[instant] arm64-v8a Yes
CtsNetHttpTestCases arm64-v8a
CtsNetTestCasesMaxTargetSdk30 arm64-v8a
CtsNetTestCasesMaxTargetSdk30[instant] arm64-v8a Yes
CtsNetTestCasesMaxTargetSdk33 arm64-v8a
CtsNetTestCasesMaxTargetSdk33[instant] arm64-v8a Yes
CtsNotificationTestCases arm64-v8a
CtsOsTestCases[run-on-clone-profile] arm64-v8a
CtsPackageInstallTestCases[run-on-clone-profile] arm64-v8a
CtsPackageInstallTestCases[run-on-secondary-user] arm64-v8a
CtsPackageInstallTestCases[run-on-work-profile] arm64-v8a
CtsPackageSchemeTestsWithoutVisibility arm64-v8a
CtsPackageSchemeTestsWithVisibility arm64-v8a
CtsPerfettoReporterTestCases arm64-v8a
CtsPermissionMultiUserTestCases arm64-v8a
CtsPermissionMultiUserTestCases[run-on-clone-profile] arm64-v8a
CtsPermissionMultiUserTestCases[run-on-secondary-user] arm64-v8a
CtsPermissionMultiUserTestCases[run-on-work-profile] arm64-v8a
CtsPermissionPolicyTestCases arm64-v8a
CtsPermissionPolicyTestCases[instant] arm64-v8a Yes
CtsPhotoPickerTest[run-on-clone-profile] arm64-v8a
CtsSandboxedAdIdManagerTests arm64-v8a
CtsSandboxedAppSetIdManagerTests arm64-v8a
CtsSandboxedFledgeManagerTests arm64-v8a
CtsSandboxedMeasurementManagerTests arm64-v8a
CtsSandboxedTopicsManagerTests arm64-v8a
CtsSdkSandboxHostSideTests arm64-v8a
CtsSdkSandboxInprocessTests arm64-v8a
CtsSdkSandboxWebkitTestCases arm64-v8a
CtsShortFgsTestCases arm64-v8a
CtsShortFgsTestCases[instant] arm64-v8a Yes
CtsSurfaceControlTests arm64-v8a
CtsTareTestCases arm64-v8a
CtsTelecomHostCases arm64-v8a
CtsThreadLocalRandomHostTest arm64-v8a
CtsVideoCodecTestCases arm64-v8a
CtsVideoEncodingQualityHostTestCases arm64-v8a
CtsVideoEncodingQualityHostTestCases[instant] arm64-v8a Yes
CtsVoiceInteractionHostTestCases arm64-v8a
CtsWallpaperSdk33TestCases arm64-v8a
CtsWallpaperSdk33TestCases[instant] arm64-v8a Yes
CtsWallpaperTestCases arm64-v8a
CtsWallpaperTestCases[instant] arm64-v8a Yes
CtsWearableSensingServiceTestCases arm64-v8a
CtsWindowManagerBackgroundActivityTestCases arm64-v8a
CtsWrapHwasanTestCases arm64-v8a
SdkSandboxManagerDisabledTests arm64-v8a
SdkSandboxManagerTests arm64-v8a
art-run-test-018-stack-overflow armeabi-v7a
art_standalone_dex2oat_cts_tests armeabi-v7a
CtsBiometricsHostTestCases armeabi-v7a
CtsBroadcastRadioTestCases armeabi-v7a
CtsCompilationTestCases armeabi-v7a
CtsDevicePolicySimTestCases armeabi-v7a
CtsJvmtiRunTest1940HostTestCases armeabi-v7a
CtsJvmtiRunTest911HostTestCases armeabi-v7a
CtsJvmtiRunTest912HostTestCases armeabi-v7a
CtsJvmtiRunTest913HostTestCases armeabi-v7a
CtsJvmtiRunTest988HostTestCases armeabi-v7a
CtsMediaBetterTogetherTestCases armeabi-v7a
CtsMediaProjectionTestCases armeabi-v7a
CtsNativeResourcesTestCases armeabi-v7a
CtsNetHttpTestCases armeabi-v7a
CtsSurfaceControlTests armeabi-v7a
CtsVideoCodecTestCases armeabi-v7a
CtsVideoEncodingQualityHostTestCases armeabi-v7a
CtsWindowManagerDeviceTestCases armeabi-v7a
CtsWrapHwasanTestCases armeabi-v7a

Removed modules

Deleted Test module name ABIs Instant App Test
CtsActivityManagerBackgroundActivityTestCases arm64-v8a
CtsAdServicesDeviceTestCases[instant] arm64-v8a Yes
CtsCameraApi31TestCases arm64-v8a
CtsHostTzDataTests arm64-v8a
CtsIncidentHostTestCases arm64-v8a
CtsIncidentHostTestCases[instant] arm64-v8a Yes
CtsOnDevicePersonalizationTestCases arm64-v8a
CtsOnDevicePersonalizationTestCases[instant] arm64-v8a Yes
CtsPermission2TestCases arm64-v8a
CtsPermission2TestCases[instant] arm64-v8a Yes
CtsPermission4TestCases arm64-v8a
CtsPermission5TestCases arm64-v8a
CtsPermission5TestCases[instant] arm64-v8a Yes
CtsSystemUiHostTestCases[instant] arm64-v8a Yes
CtsVirtualDevicesTestCases[instant] arm64-v8a Yes
CtsActivityManagerBackgroundActivityTestCases armeabi-v7a
CtsCameraApi31TestCases armeabi-v7a
CtsGwpAsanTestCases armeabi-v7a
CtsIncidentHostTestCases armeabi-v7a