Pixel / Nexus Security Bulletins

This page contains the available Pixel / Nexus monthly bulletins. These bulletins supplement the Android Security Bulletins with additional security patches and functional improvements on Pixel and Nexus devices. These bulletins apply to supported Pixel and Nexus devices.


Pixel and Nexus devices start receiving OTA updates on the same day the monthly bulletin is released. In general, it takes about one and a half calendar weeks for the OTA to reach every Nexus device. The Nexus firmware images are also released each month to the Google Developer site.


Patches listed in the Pixel / Nexus bulletin come from various sources: the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), the upstream Linux kernel, and system-on-chip (SOC) manufacturers. Android platform fixes are merged into AOSP 24–48 hours after the Pixel / Nexus bulletin is released.


Bulletin Languages Published date Security patch level
February 2018 Coming soon February 5, 2018 2018-02-05
January 2018 Coming soon January 2, 2018 2018-01-05
December 2017 English / 日本語 / 한국어 / ру́сский / 中文 (中国) / 中文 (台灣) December 4, 2017 2017-12-05
November 2017 English / 日本語 / 한국어 / ру́сский / 中文 (中国) / 中文 (台灣) November 6, 2017 2017-11-05
October 2017 English / 日本語 / 한국어 / ру́сский / 中文 (中国) / 中文 (台灣) October 2, 2017 2017-10-05