ATS Frequently Asked Questions

How do I run a different version of ATS?

You can change the version of ATS by using --tag when starting.

mtt start --tag=prod_R11.202011.002

The available options for --tag can be found in the ATS cloud repository under the Tags column. Common tags to use are:

  • prod: The most recent production release (used by default)
  • latest: Daily developer build (unstable but contains latest changes and bug` fixes)
  • For a specific version number

How do I fix a LowDiskSpaceException?

When executing a test run, you may see the following error in the host logs:$LowDiskSpaceException: Available space on /data/tmp is 0.00 MB. Min is 100 MB.

This error is due to low host storage. /data/tmp is a folder inside the Docker data volume Test Station is using. You can find the actual location by running docker inspect mtt-data.

To fix the issue, you can either remove old test run files using:

docker exec -it mtt find /data/app_default_bucket/test_runs/ -type d -ctime +[number of days] -exec rm -rf {} +

where [number of days] is the number of days of test run files to keep. Test run files older than this value are deleted.

Or you can backup your data and change the data volume location by setting the --data-root option for the Docker daemon.