Keyboard devices

Android supports a variety of keyboard devices including special function keypads (volume and power controls), compact embedded QWERTY keyboards, and fully featured PC-style external keyboards.

This document describes physical keyboards only. Refer to the Android SDK for information about soft keyboards (Input Method Editors).

Keyboard classification

An input device is classified as a keyboard if either of the following conditions hold:

  • The input device reports the presence of any Linux key codes used on keyboards including 0 through 0xff or KEY_OK through KEY_MAX.

  • The input device reports the presence of any Linux key codes used on joysticks and gamepads including BTN_0 through BTN_9, BTN_TRIGGER through BTN_DEAD, or BTN_A through BTN_THUMBR.

Joysticks are currently classified as keyboards because joystick and gamepad buttons are reported by EV_KEY events in the same way keyboard keys are reported. Thus joysticks and gamepads also make use of key map files for configuration.

Once an input device has been classified as a keyboard, the system loads the input device configuration file and keyboard layout for the keyboard.

The system then tries to determine additional characteristics of the device.

  • If the input device has any keys that are mapped to KEYCODE_Q, then the device is considered to have an alphabetic keypad (as opposed to numeric). The alphabetic keypad capability is reported in the resource Configuration object as KEYBOARD_QWERTY.

  • If the input device has any keys that are mapped to KEYCODE_DPAD_UP, KEYCODE_DPAD_DOWN, KEYCODE_DPAD_LEFT, KEYCODE_DPAD_RIGHT, and KEYCODE_DPAD_CENTER (all must be present), then the device is considered to have a directional keypad. The directional keypad capability is reported in the resource Configuration object as NAVIGATION_DPAD.

  • If the input device has any keys that are mapped to KEYCODE_BUTTON_A or other gamepad related keys, then the device is considered to have a gamepad.

Keyboard driver requirements

  1. Keyboard drivers should only register key codes for the keys that they actually support. Registering excess key codes may confuse the device classification algorithm or cause the system to incorrectly detect the supported keyboard capabilities of the device.

  2. Keyboard drivers should use EV_KEY to report key presses, using a value of 0 to indicate that a key is released, a value of 1 to indicate that a key is pressed, and a value greater than or equal to 2 to indicate that the key is being repeated automatically.

  3. Android performs its own keyboard repeating. Auto-repeat functionality should be disabled in the driver.

  4. Keyboard drivers may optionally indicate the HID usage or low-level scan code by sending EV_MSC with MSC_SCANCODE and a value indicating the usage or scan code when the key is pressed. This information is not currently used by Android.

  5. Keyboard drivers should support setting LED states when EV_LED is written to the device. The hid-input driver handles this automatically. At the time of this writing, Android uses LED_CAPSLOCK, LED_SCROLLLOCK, and LED_NUMLOCK. These LEDs only need to be supported when the keyboard actually has the associated indicator lights.

  6. Keyboard drivers for embedded keypads (for example, using a GPIO matrix) should make sure to send EV_KEY events with a value of 0 for any keys that are still pressed when the device is going to sleep. Otherwise keys might get stuck down and will auto-repeat forever.

Keyboard operation

The following is a brief summary of the keyboard operation on Android.

  1. The EventHub reads raw events from the evdev driver and maps Linux key codes (sometimes referred to as scan codes) into Android key codes using the keyboard's key layout map.

  2. The InputReader consumes the raw events and updates the meta key state. For example, if the left shift key is pressed or released, the reader will set or reset the META_SHIFT_LEFT_ON and META_SHIFT_ON bits accordingly.

  3. The InputReader notifies the InputDispatcher about the key event.

  4. The InputDispatcher asks the WindowManagerPolicy what to do with the key event by calling WindowManagerPolicy.interceptKeyBeforeQueueing. This method is part of a critical path that is responsible for waking the device when certain keys are pressed. The EventHub effectively holds a wake lock along this critical path to ensure that it will run to completion.

  5. If an InputFilter is currently in use, the InputDispatcher gives it a chance to consume or transform the key. The InputFilter may be used to implement low-level system-wide accessibility policies.

  6. The InputDispatcher enqueues the key for processing on the dispatch thread.

  7. When the InputDispatcher dequeues the key, it gives the WindowManagerPolicy a second chance to intercept the key event by calling WindowManagerPolicy.interceptKeyBeforeDispatching. This method handles system shortcuts and other functions.

  8. The InputDispatcher then identifies the key event target (the focused window) and waits for them to become ready. Then, the InputDispatcher delivers the key event to the application.

  9. Inside the application, the key event propagates down the view hierarchy to the focused view for pre-IME key dispatch.

  10. If the key event is not handled in the pre-IME dispatch and an IME is in use, the key event is delivered to the IME.

  11. If the key event was not consumed by the IME, then the key event propagates down the view hierarchy to the focused view for standard key dispatch.

  12. The application reports back to the InputDispatcher as to whether the key event was consumed. If the event was not consumed, the InputDispatcher calls WindowManagerPolicy.dispatchUnhandledKey to apply "fallback" behavior. Depending on the fallback action, the key event dispatch cycle may be restarted using a different key code. For example, if an application does not handle KEYCODE_ESCAPE, the system may redispatch the key event as KEYCODE_BACK instead.

Keyboard configuration

Keyboard behavior is determined by the keyboard's key layout, key character map and input device configuration.

Refer to the following sections for more details about the files that participate in keyboard configuration:


The following input device configuration properties are used for keyboards.


Definition: keyboard.layout = <name>

Specifies the name of the key layout file associated with the input device, excluding the .kl extension. If this file is not found, the input system will use the default key layout instead.

Spaces in the name are converted to underscores during lookup.

Refer to the key layout file documentation for more details.


Definition: keyboard.characterMap = <name>

Specifies the name of the key character map file associated with the input device, excluding the .kcm extension. If this file is not found, the input system will use the default key character map instead.

Spaces in the name are converted to underscores during lookup.

Refer to the key character map file documentation for more details.


Definition: keyboard.orientationAware = 0 | 1

Specifies whether the keyboard should react to display orientation changes.

  • If the value is 1, the directional keypad keys are rotated when the associated display orientation changes.

  • If the value is 0, the keyboard is immune to display orientation changes.

The default value is 0.

Orientation awareness is used to support rotation of directional keypad keys, such as on the Motorola Droid. For example, when the device is rotated clockwise 90 degrees from its natural orientation, KEYCODE_DPAD_UP is remapped to produce KEYCODE_DPAD_RIGHT since the 'up' key ends up pointing 'right' when the device is held in that orientation.


Definition: keyboard.builtIn = 0 | 1

Specifies whether the keyboard is the built-in (physically attached) keyboard.

The default value is 1 if the device name ends with -keypad, 0 otherwise.

The built-in keyboard is always assigned a device id of 0. Other keyboards that are not built-in are assigned unique non-zero device ids.

Using an id of 0 for the built-in keyboard is important for maintaining compatibility with the KeyCharacterMap.BUILT_IN_KEYBOARD field, which specifies the id of the built-in keyboard and has a value of 0. This field has been deprecated in the API but older applications might still be using it.

A special-function keyboard (one whose key character map specifies a type of SPECIAL_FUNCTION) will never be registered as the built-in keyboard, regardless of the setting of this property. This is because a special-function keyboard is by definition not intended to be used for general purpose typing.

Example configurations

# This is an example input device configuration file for a built-in
# keyboard that has a DPad.

# The keyboard is internal because it is part of the device.
device.internal = 1

# The keyboard is the default built-in keyboard so it should be assigned
# an id of 0.
keyboard.builtIn = 1

# The keyboard includes a DPad which is mounted on the device.  As the device
# is rotated the orientation of the DPad rotates along with it, so the DPad must
# be aware of the display orientation.  This ensures that pressing 'up' on the
# DPad always means 'up' from the perspective of the user, even when the entire
# device has been rotated.
keyboard.orientationAware = 1

Compatibility notes

Prior to Honeycomb, the keyboard input mapper did not use any configuration properties. All keyboards were assumed to be physically attached and orientation aware. The default key layout and key character map was named qwerty instead of Generic. The key character map format was also very different and the framework did not support PC-style full keyboards or external keyboards.

When upgrading devices to Honeycomb, make sure to create or update the necessary configuration and key map files.

HID usages, Linux key codes, and Android key codes

The system refers to keys using several different identifiers, depending on the layer of abstraction.

For HID devices, each key has an associated HID usage. The Linux hid-input driver and related vendor and device-specific HID drivers are responsible for parsing HID reports and mapping HID usages to Linux key codes.

As Android reads EV_KEY events from the Linux kernel, it translates each Linux key code into its corresponding Android key code according to the key layout file of the device.

When the key event is dispatched to an application, the android.view.KeyEvent instance reports the Linux key code as the value of getScanCode() and the Android key code as the value of getKeyCode(). For the purposes of the framework, only the value of getKeyCode() is important.

Note that the HID usage information is not used by Android itself or passed to applications.

Code tables

The following tables show how HID usages, Linux key codes and Android key codes are related to one another.

The LKC column specifies the Linux key code in hexadecimal.

The AKC column specifies the Android key code in hexadecimal.

The Notes column refers to notes that are posted after the table.

The Version column specifies the first version of the Android platform to have included this key in its default key map. Multiple rows are shown in cases where the default key map has changed between versions. The oldest version indicated is 1.6.

  • In Gingerbread (2.3) and earlier releases, the default key map was qwerty.kl. This key map was only intended for use with the Android Emulator and was not intended to be used to support arbitrary external keyboards. Nevertheless, a few OEMs added Bluetooth keyboard support to the platform and relied on qwerty.kl to provide the necessary keyboard mappings. Consequently these older mappings may be of interest to OEMs who are building peripherals for these particular devices. Note that the mappings are substantially different from the current ones, particularly with respect to the treatment of the HOME key. It is recommended that all new peripherals be developed according to the Honeycomb or more recent key maps (ie. standard HID).

  • As of Honeycomb (3.0), the default key map is Generic.kl. This key map was designed to support full PC style keyboards. Most functionality of standard HID keyboards should just work out of the box.

The key code mapping may vary across versions of the Linux kernel and Android. When changes are known to have occurred in the Android default key maps, they are indicated in the version column.

Device-specific HID drivers and key maps may apply different mappings than are indicated here.

HID keyboard and keypad page (0x07)

HID Usage HID Usage Name LKC Linux Key Code Name Version AKC Android Key Code Name Notes
0x07 0x0001 Keyboard Error Roll Over
0x07 0x0002 Keyboard POST Fail
0x07 0x0003 Keyboard Error Undefined
0x07 0x0004 Keyboard a and A 0x001e KEY_A 1.6 0x001d KEYCODE_A 1
0x07 0x0005 Keyboard b and B 0x0030 KEY_B 1.6 0x001e KEYCODE_B 1
0x07 0x0006 Keyboard c and C 0x002e KEY_C 1.6 0x001f KEYCODE_C 1
0x07 0x0007 Keyboard d and D 0x0020 KEY_D 1.6 0x0020 KEYCODE_D 1
0x07 0x0008 Keyboard e and E 0x0012 KEY_E 1.6 0x0021 KEYCODE_E 1
0x07 0x0009 Keyboard f and F 0x0021 KEY_F 1.6 0x0022 KEYCODE_F 1
0x07 0x000a Keyboard g and G 0x0022 KEY_G 1.6 0x0023 KEYCODE_G 1
0x07 0x000b Keyboard h and H 0x0023 KEY_H 1.6 0x0024 KEYCODE_H 1
0x07 0x000c Keyboard i and I 0x0017 KEY_I 1.6 0x0025 KEYCODE_I 1
0x07 0x000d Keyboard j and J 0x0024 KEY_J 1.6 0x0026 KEYCODE_J 1
0x07 0x000e Keyboard k and K 0x0025 KEY_K 1.6 0x0027 KEYCODE_K 1
0x07 0x000f Keyboard l and L 0x0026 KEY_L 1.6 0x0028 KEYCODE_L 1
0x07 0x0010 Keyboard m and M 0x0032 KEY_M 1.6 0x0029 KEYCODE_M 1
0x07 0x0011 Keyboard n and N 0x0031 KEY_N 1.6 0x002a KEYCODE_N 1
0x07 0x0012 Keyboard o and O 0x0018 KEY_O 1.6 0x002b KEYCODE_O 1
0x07 0x0013 Keyboard p and P 0x0019 KEY_P 1.6 0x002c KEYCODE_P 1
0x07 0x0014 Keyboard q and Q 0x0010 KEY_Q 1.6 0x002d KEYCODE_Q 1
0x07 0x0015 Keyboard r and R 0x0013 KEY_R 1.6 0x002e KEYCODE_R 1
0x07 0x0016 Keyboard s and S 0x001f KEY_S 1.6 0x002f KEYCODE_S 1
0x07 0x0017 Keyboard t and T 0x0014 KEY_T 1.6 0x0030 KEYCODE_T 1
0x07 0x0018 Keyboard u and U 0x0016 KEY_U 1.6 0x0031 KEYCODE_U 1
0x07 0x0019 Keyboard v and V 0x002f KEY_V 1.6 0x0032 KEYCODE_V 1
0x07 0x001a Keyboard w and W 0x0011 KEY_W 1.6 0x0033 KEYCODE_W 1
0x07 0x001b Keyboard x and X 0x002d KEY_X 1.6 0x0034 KEYCODE_X 1
0x07 0x001c Keyboard y and Y 0x0015 KEY_Y 1.6 0x0035 KEYCODE_Y 1
0x07 0x001d Keyboard z and Z 0x002c KEY_Z 1.6 0x0036 KEYCODE_Z 1
0x07 0x001e Keyboard 1 and ! 0x0002 KEY_1 1.6 0x0008 KEYCODE_1 1
0x07 0x001f Keyboard 2 and @ 0x0003 KEY_2 1.6 0x0009 KEYCODE_2 1
0x07 0x0020 Keyboard 3 and # 0x0004 KEY_3 1.6 0x000a KEYCODE_3 1
0x07 0x0021 Keyboard 4 and $ 0x0005 KEY_4 1.6 0x000b KEYCODE_4 1
0x07 0x0022 Keyboard 5 and % 0x0006 KEY_5 1.6 0x000c KEYCODE_5 1
0x07 0x0023 Keyboard 6 and ^ 0x0007 KEY_6 1.6 0x000d KEYCODE_6 1
0x07 0x0024 Keyboard 7 and & 0x0008 KEY_7 1.6 0x000e KEYCODE_7 1
0x07 0x0025 Keyboard 8 and * 0x0009 KEY_8 1.6 0x000f KEYCODE_8 1
0x07 0x0026 Keyboard 9 and ( 0x000a KEY_9 1.6 0x0010 KEYCODE_9 1
0x07 0x0027 Keyboard 0 and ) 0x000b KEY_0 1.6 0x0007 KEYCODE_0 1
0x07 0x0028 Keyboard Return (ENTER) 0x001c KEY_ENTER 1.6 0x0042 KEYCODE_ENTER 1
0x07 0x0029 Keyboard ESCAPE 0x0001 KEY_ESC 3.0 0x006f KEYCODE_ESCAPE
"" "" "" "" 2.3 0x0004 KEYCODE_BACK
0x07 0x002a Keyboard DELETE (Backspace) 0x000e KEY_BACKSPACE 1.6 0x0043 KEYCODE_DEL
0x07 0x002b Keyboard Tab 0x000f KEY_TAB 1.6 0x003d KEYCODE_TAB
0x07 0x002c Keyboard Spacebar 0x0039 KEY_SPACE 1.6 0x003e KEYCODE_SPACE
0x07 0x002d Keyboard - and _ 0x000c KEY_MINUS 1.6 0x0045 KEYCODE_MINUS 1
0x07 0x002e Keyboard = and + 0x000d KEY_EQUAL 1.6 0x0046 KEYCODE_EQUALS 1
0x07 0x002f Keyboard [ and { 0x001a KEY_LEFTBRACE 1.6 0x0047 KEYCODE_LEFT_BRACKET 1
0x07 0x0030 Keyboard ] and } 0x001b KEY_RIGHTBRACE 1.6 0x0048 KEYCODE_RIGHT_BRACKET 1
0x07 0x0031 Keyboard \ and | 0x002b KEY_BACKSLASH 1.6 0x0049 KEYCODE_BACKSLASH 1
0x07 0x0032 Keyboard Non-US # and ~ 0x002b KEY_BACKSLASH 1.6 0x0049 KEYCODE_BACKSLASH 1
0x07 0x0033 Keyboard ; and : 0x0027 KEY_SEMICOLON 1.6 0x004a KEYCODE_SEMICOLON 1
0x07 0x0034 Keyboard ' and " 0x0028 KEY_APOSTROPHE 1.6 0x004b KEYCODE_APOSTROPHE 1
0x07 0x0035 Keyboard ` and ~ 0x0029 KEY_GRAVE 3.0 0x0044 KEYCODE_GRAVE 1
0x07 0x0036 Keyboard , and < 0x0033 KEY_COMMA 1.6 0x0037 KEYCODE_COMMA 1
0x07 0x0037 Keyboard . and > 0x0034 KEY_DOT 1.6 0x0038 KEYCODE_PERIOD 1
0x07 0x0038 Keyboard / and ? 0x0035 KEY_SLASH 1.6 0x004c KEYCODE_SLASH 1
0x07 0x0039 Keyboard Caps Lock 0x003a KEY_CAPSLOCK 3.0 0x0073 KEYCODE_CAPS_LOCK
0x07 0x003a Keyboard F1 0x003b KEY_F1 3.0 0x0083 KEYCODE_F1
"" "" "" "" 1.6 0x0052 KEYCODE_MENU
0x07 0x003b Keyboard F2 0x003c KEY_F2 3.0 0x0084 KEYCODE_F2
"" "" "" "" 1.6 0x0002 KEYCODE_SOFT_RIGHT
0x07 0x003c Keyboard F3 0x003d KEY_F3 3.0 0x0085 KEYCODE_F3
"" "" "" "" 1.6 0x0005 KEYCODE_CALL
0x07 0x003d Keyboard F4 0x003e KEY_F4 3.0 0x0086 KEYCODE_F4
"" "" "" "" 1.6 0x0006 KEYCODE_ENDCALL
0x07 0x003e Keyboard F5 0x003f KEY_F5 3.0 0x0087 KEYCODE_F5
0x07 0x003f Keyboard F6 0x0040 KEY_F6 3.0 0x0088 KEYCODE_F6
0x07 0x0040 Keyboard F7 0x0041 KEY_F7 3.0 0x0089 KEYCODE_F7
0x07 0x0041 Keyboard F8 0x0042 KEY_F8 3.0 0x008a KEYCODE_F8
0x07 0x0042 Keyboard F9 0x0043 KEY_F9 3.0 0x008b KEYCODE_F9
0x07 0x0043 Keyboard F10 0x0044 KEY_F10 3.0 0x008c KEYCODE_F10
"" "" "" "" 2.3 0x0052 KEYCODE_MENU
0x07 0x0044 Keyboard F11 0x0057 KEY_F11 3.0 0x008d KEYCODE_F11
0x07 0x0045 Keyboard F12 0x0058 KEY_F12 3.0 0x008e KEYCODE_F12
0x07 0x0046 Keyboard Print Screen 0x0063 KEY_SYSRQ 3.0 0x0078 KEYCODE_SYSRQ
0x07 0x0047 Keyboard Scroll Lock 0x0046 KEY_SCROLLLOCK 3.0 0x0074 KEYCODE_SCROLL_LOCK
0x07 0x0048 Keyboard Pause 0x0077 KEY_PAUSE 3.0 0x0079 KEYCODE_BREAK
0x07 0x0049 Keyboard Insert 0x006e KEY_INSERT 3.0 0x007c KEYCODE_INSERT
0x07 0x004a Keyboard Home 0x0066 KEY_HOME 3.0 0x007a KEYCODE_MOVE_HOME
"" "" "" "" 1.6 0x0003 KEYCODE_HOME
0x07 0x004b Keyboard Page Up 0x0068 KEY_PAGEUP 3.0 0x005c KEYCODE_PAGE_UP
0x07 0x004c Keyboard Delete Forward 0x006f KEY_DELETE 3.0 0x0070 KEYCODE_FORWARD_DEL
0x07 0x004d Keyboard End 0x006b KEY_END 3.0 0x007b KEYCODE_MOVE_END
"" "" "" "" 1.6 0x0006 KEYCODE_ENDCALL
0x07 0x004e Keyboard Page Down 0x006d KEY_PAGEDOWN 3.0 0x005d KEYCODE_PAGE_DOWN
0x07 0x004f Keyboard Right Arrow 0x006a KEY_RIGHT 1.6 0x0016 KEYCODE_DPAD_RIGHT
0x07 0x0050 Keyboard Left Arrow 0x0069 KEY_LEFT 1.6 0x0015 KEYCODE_DPAD_LEFT
0x07 0x0051 Keyboard Down Arrow 0x006c KEY_DOWN 1.6 0x0014 KEYCODE_DPAD_DOWN
0x07 0x0052 Keyboard Up Arrow 0x0067 KEY_UP 1.6 0x0013 KEYCODE_DPAD_UP
0x07 0x0053 Keyboard Num Lock and Clear 0x0045 KEY_NUMLOCK 3.0 0x008f KEYCODE_NUM_LOCK
0x07 0x0054 Keypad / 0x0062 KEY_KPSLASH 3.0 0x009a KEYCODE_NUMPAD_DIVIDE
0x07 0x0055 Keypad * 0x0037 KEY_KPASTERISK 3.0 0x009b KEYCODE_NUMPAD_MULTIPLY
0x07 0x0056 Keypad - 0x004a KEY_KPMINUS 3.0 0x009c KEYCODE_NUMPAD_SUBTRACT
0x07 0x0057 Keypad + 0x004e KEY_KPPLUS 3.0 0x009d KEYCODE_NUMPAD_ADD
0x07 0x0058 Keypad ENTER 0x0060 KEY_KPENTER 3.0 0x00a0 KEYCODE_NUMPAD_ENTER
0x07 0x0059 Keypad 1 and End 0x004f KEY_KP1 3.0 0x0091 KEYCODE_NUMPAD_1
0x07 0x005a Keypad 2 and Down Arrow 0x0050 KEY_KP2 3.0 0x0092 KEYCODE_NUMPAD_2
0x07 0x005b Keypad 3 and PageDn 0x0051 KEY_KP3 3.0 0x0093 KEYCODE_NUMPAD_3
0x07 0x005c Keypad 4 and Left Arrow 0x004b KEY_KP4 3.0 0x0094 KEYCODE_NUMPAD_4
0x07 0x005d Keypad 5 0x004c KEY_KP5 3.0 0x0095 KEYCODE_NUMPAD_5
0x07 0x005e Keypad 6 and Right Arrow 0x004d KEY_KP6 3.0 0x0096 KEYCODE_NUMPAD_6
0x07 0x005f Keypad 7 and Home 0x0047 KEY_KP7 3.0 0x0097 KEYCODE_NUMPAD_7
0x07 0x0060 Keypad 8 and Up Arrow 0x0048 KEY_KP8 3.0 0x0098 KEYCODE_NUMPAD_8
0x07 0x0061 Keypad 9 and Page Up 0x0049 KEY_KP9 3.0 0x0099 KEYCODE_NUMPAD_9
0x07 0x0062 Keypad 0 and Insert 0x0052 KEY_KP0 3.0 0x0090 KEYCODE_NUMPAD_0
0x07 0x0063 Keypad . and Delete 0x0053 KEY_KPDOT 3.0 0x009e KEYCODE_NUMPAD_DOT
0x07 0x0064 Keyboard Non-US \ and | 0x0056 KEY_102ND 4.0 0x0049 KEYCODE_BACKSLASH 1
0x07 0x0065 Keyboard Application 0x007f KEY_COMPOSE 3.0 0x0052 KEYCODE_MENU
"" "" "" "" 1.6 0x0054 KEYCODE_SEARCH
0x07 0x0066 Keyboard Power 0x0074 KEY_POWER 1.6 0x001a KEYCODE_POWER
0x07 0x0067 Keypad = 0x0075 KEY_KPEQUAL 3.0 0x00a1 KEYCODE_NUMPAD_EQUALS
0x07 0x0068 Keyboard F13 0x00b7 KEY_F13
0x07 0x0069 Keyboard F14 0x00b8 KEY_F14
0x07 0x006a Keyboard F15 0x00b9 KEY_F15
0x07 0x006b Keyboard F16 0x00ba KEY_F16
0x07 0x006c Keyboard F17 0x00bb KEY_F17
0x07 0x006d Keyboard F18 0x00bc KEY_F18
0x07 0x006e Keyboard F19 0x00bd KEY_F19
0x07 0x006f Keyboard F20 0x00be KEY_F20
0x07 0x0070 Keyboard F21 0x00bf KEY_F21
0x07 0x0071 Keyboard F22 0x00c0 KEY_F22
0x07 0x0072 Keyboard F23 0x00c1 KEY_F23
0x07 0x0073 Keyboard F24 0x00c2 KEY_F24
0x07 0x0074 Keyboard Execute 0x0086 KEY_OPEN
0x07 0x0075 Keyboard Help 0x008a KEY_HELP
0x07 0x0076 Keyboard Menu 0x0082 KEY_PROPS
0x07 0x0077 Keyboard Select 0x0084 KEY_FRONT
0x07 0x0078 Keyboard Stop 0x0080 KEY_STOP 3.0 0x0056 KEYCODE_MEDIA_STOP
0x07 0x0079 Keyboard Again 0x0081 KEY_AGAIN
0x07 0x007a Keyboard Undo 0x0083 KEY_UNDO
0x07 0x007b Keyboard Cut 0x0089 KEY_CUT
0x07 0x007c Keyboard Copy 0x0085 KEY_COPY
0x07 0x007d Keyboard Paste 0x0087 KEY_PASTE
0x07 0x007e Keyboard Find 0x0088 KEY_FIND
0x07 0x007f Keyboard Mute 0x0071 KEY_MUTE 3.0 0x00a4 KEYCODE_VOLUME_MUTE
0x07 0x0080 Keyboard Volume Up 0x0073 KEY_VOLUMEUP 1.6 0x0018 KEYCODE_VOLUME_UP
0x07 0x0081 Keyboard Volume Down 0x0072 KEY_VOLUMEDOWN 1.6 0x0019 KEYCODE_VOLUME_DOWN
0x07 0x0082 Keyboard Locking Caps Lock
0x07 0x0083 Keyboard Locking Num Lock
0x07 0x0084 Keyboard Locking Scroll Lock
0x07 0x0085 Keypad Comma 0x0079 KEY_KPCOMMA 3.0 0x009f KEYCODE_NUMPAD_COMMA
0x07 0x0086 Keypad Equal Sign
0x07 0x0087 Keyboard International1 0x0059 KEY_RO
0x07 0x0088 Keyboard International2 0x005d KEY_KATAKANAHIRAGANA
0x07 0x0089 Keyboard International3 0x007c KEY_YEN
0x07 0x008a Keyboard International4 0x005c KEY_HENKAN
0x07 0x008b Keyboard International5 0x005e KEY_MUHENKAN
0x07 0x008c Keyboard International6 0x005f KEY_KPJPCOMMA
0x07 0x008d Keyboard International7
0x07 0x008e Keyboard International8
0x07 0x008f Keyboard International9
0x07 0x0090 Keyboard LANG1 0x007a KEY_HANGEUL
0x07 0x0091 Keyboard LANG2 0x007b KEY_HANJA
0x07 0x0092 Keyboard LANG3 0x005a KEY_KATAKANA
0x07 0x0093 Keyboard LANG4 0x005b KEY_HIRAGANA
0x07 0x0094 Keyboard LANG5 0x0055 KEY_ZENKAKUHANKAKU
0x07 0x0095 Keyboard LANG6
0x07 0x0096 Keyboard LANG7
0x07 0x0097 Keyboard LANG8
0x07 0x0098 Keyboard LANG9
0x07 0x0099 Keyboard Alternate Erase
0x07 0x009a Keyboard SysReq/Attention
0x07 0x009b Keyboard Cancel
0x07 0x009c Keyboard Clear
0x07 0x009d Keyboard Prior
0x07 0x009e Keyboard Return
0x07 0x009f Keyboard Separator
0x07 0x00a0 Keyboard Out
0x07 0x00a1 Keyboard Oper
0x07 0x00a2 Keyboard Clear/Again
0x07 0x00a3 Keyboard CrSel/Props
0x07 0x00a4 Keyboard ExSel
0x07 0x00b0 Keypad 00
0x07 0x00b1 Keypad 000
0x07 0x00b2 Thousands Separator
0x07 0x00b3 Decimal Separator
0x07 0x00b4 Currency Unit
0x07 0x00b5 Currency Sub-unit
0x07 0x00b6 Keypad ( 0x00b3 KEY_KPLEFTPAREN 3.0 0x00a2 KEYCODE_NUMPAD_LEFT_PAREN
0x07 0x00b7 Keypad ) 0x00b4 KEY_KPRIGHTPAREN 3.0 0x00a3 KEYCODE_NUMPAD_RIGHT_PAREN
0x07 0x00b8 Keypad {
0x07 0x00b9 Keypad }
0x07 0x00ba Keypad Tab
0x07 0x00bb Keypad Backspace
0x07 0x00bc Keypad A
0x07 0x00bd Keypad B
0x07 0x00be Keypad C
0x07 0x00bf Keypad D
0x07 0x00c0 Keypad E
0x07 0x00c1 Keypad F
0x07 0x00c2 Keypad XOR
0x07 0x00c3 Keypad ^
0x07 0x00c4 Keypad %
0x07 0x00c5 Keypad <
0x07 0x00c6 Keypad >
0x07 0x00c7 Keypad &
0x07 0x00c8 Keypad &&
0x07 0x00c9 Keypad |
0x07 0x00ca Keypad ||
0x07 0x00cb Keypad :
0x07 0x00cc Keypad #
0x07 0x00cd Keypad Space
0x07 0x00ce Keypad @
0x07 0x00cf Keypad !
0x07 0x00d0 Keypad Memory Store
0x07 0x00d1 Keypad Memory Recall
0x07 0x00d2 Keypad Memory Clear
0x07 0x00d3 Keypad Memory Add
0x07 0x00d4 Keypad Memory Subtract
0x07 0x00d5 Keypad Memory Multiply
0x07 0x00d6 Keypad Memory Divide
0x07 0x00d7 Keypad +/-
0x07 0x00d8 Keypad Clear
0x07 0x00d9 Keypad Clear Entry
0x07 0x00da Keypad Binary
0x07 0x00db Keypad Octal
0x07 0x00dc Keypad Decimal
0x07 0x00dd Keypad Hexadecimal
0x07 0x00e0 Keyboard Left Control 0x001d KEY_LEFTCTRL 3.0 0x0071 KEYCODE_CTRL_LEFT
0x07 0x00e1 Keyboard Left Shift 0x002a KEY_LEFTSHIFT 1.6 0x003b KEYCODE_SHIFT_LEFT
0x07 0x00e2 Keyboard Left Alt 0x0038 KEY_LEFTALT 1.6 0x0039 KEYCODE_ALT_LEFT
0x07 0x00e3 Keyboard Left GUI 0x007d KEY_LEFTMETA 3.0 0x0075 KEYCODE_META_LEFT
0x07 0x00e4 Keyboard Right Control 0x0061 KEY_RIGHTCTRL 3.0 0x0072 KEYCODE_CTRL_RIGHT
0x07 0x00e5 Keyboard Right Shift 0x0036 KEY_RIGHTSHIFT 1.6 0x003c KEYCODE_SHIFT_RIGHT
0x07 0x00e6 Keyboard Right Alt 0x0064 KEY_RIGHTALT 1.6 0x003a KEYCODE_ALT_RIGHT
0x07 0x00e7 Keyboard Right GUI 0x007e KEY_RIGHTMETA 3.0 0x0076 KEYCODE_META_RIGHT
0x07 0x00e8 0x00a4 KEY_PLAYPAUSE 3.0 0x0055 KEYCODE_MEDIA_PLAY_PAUSE
0x07 0x00e9 0x00a6 KEY_STOPCD 3.0 0x0056 KEYCODE_MEDIA_STOP
0x07 0x00eb 0x00a3 KEY_NEXTSONG 3.0 0x0057 KEYCODE_MEDIA_NEXT
0x07 0x00ec 0x00a1 KEY_EJECTCD 3.0 0x0081 KEYCODE_MEDIA_EJECT
0x07 0x00ed 0x0073 KEY_VOLUMEUP 1.6 0x0018 KEYCODE_VOLUME_UP
0x07 0x00ee 0x0072 KEY_VOLUMEDOWN 1.6 0x0019 KEYCODE_VOLUME_DOWN
0x07 0x00ef 0x0071 KEY_MUTE 3.0 0x00a4 KEYCODE_VOLUME_MUTE
0x07 0x00f0 0x0096 KEY_WWW 1.6 0x0040 KEYCODE_EXPLORER
0x07 0x00f1 0x009e KEY_BACK 1.6 0x0004 KEYCODE_BACK
0x07 0x00f2 0x009f KEY_FORWARD 3.0 0x007d KEYCODE_FORWARD
0x07 0x00f3 0x0080 KEY_STOP 3.0 0x0056 KEYCODE_MEDIA_STOP
0x07 0x00f4 0x0088 KEY_FIND
0x07 0x00f5 0x00b1 KEY_SCROLLUP 3.0 0x005c KEYCODE_PAGE_UP
0x07 0x00f6 0x00b2 KEY_SCROLLDOWN 3.0 0x005d KEYCODE_PAGE_DOWN
0x07 0x00f7 0x00b0 KEY_EDIT
0x07 0x00f8 0x008e KEY_SLEEP
0x07 0x00f9 0x0098 KEY_COFFEE 4.0 0x001a KEYCODE_POWER
0x07 0x00fa 0x00ad KEY_REFRESH
0x07 0x00fb 0x008c KEY_CALC 4.0.3 0x00d2 KEYCODE_CALCULATOR

HID generic desktop page (0x01)

HID Usage HID Usage Name LKC Linux Key Code Name Version AKC Android Key Code Name Notes
0x01 0x0081 System Power Down 0x0074 KEY_POWER 1.6 0x001a KEYCODE_POWER
0x01 0x0082 System Sleep 0x008e KEY_SLEEP 4.0 0x001a KEYCODE_POWER
0x01 0x0083 System Wake Up 0x008f KEY_WAKEUP 4.0 0x001a KEYCODE_POWER
0x01 0x0084 System Context Menu
0x01 0x0085 System Main Menu
0x01 0x0086 System App Menu
0x01 0x0087 System Menu Help
0x01 0x0088 System Menu Exit
0x01 0x0089 System Menu Select
0x01 0x008a System Menu Right
0x01 0x008b System Menu Left
0x01 0x008c System Menu Up
0x01 0x008d System Menu Down
0x01 0x008e System Cold Restart
0x01 0x008f System Warm Restart
0x01 0x00a0 System Dock
0x01 0x00a1 System Undock
0x01 0x00a2 System Setup
0x01 0x00a3 System Break
0x01 0x00a4 System Debugger Break
0x01 0x00a5 Application Break
0x01 0x00a6 Application Debugger Break
0x01 0x00a7 System Speaker Mute
0x01 0x00a8 System Hibernate
0x01 0x00b0 System Display Invert
0x01 0x00b1 System Display Internal
0x01 0x00b2 System Display External
0x01 0x00b3 System Display Both
0x01 0x00b4 System Display Dual
0x01 0x00b5 System Display Toggle Int/Ext
0x01 0x00b6 System Display Swap Prim./Sec.
0x01 0x00b7 System Display LCD Autoscale

HID consumer page (0x0c)

HID Usage HID Usage Name LKC Linux Key Code Name Version AKC Android Key Code Name Notes
0x0c 0x0030 Power
0x0c 0x0031 Reset
0x0c 0x0032 Sleep
0x0c 0x0033 Sleep After
0x0c 0x0034 Sleep Mode 0x008e KEY_SLEEP 4.0 0x001a KEYCODE_POWER
0x0c 0x0040 Menu 0x008b KEY_MENU 1.6 0x0052 KEYCODE_MENU
0x0c 0x0041 Menu Pick
0x0c 0x0042 Menu Up
0x0c 0x0043 Menu Down
0x0c 0x0044 Menu Left
0x0c 0x0045 Menu Right 0x0181 KEY_RIGHT
0x0c 0x0046 Menu Escape
0x0c 0x0047 Menu Value Increase
0x0c 0x0048 Menu Value Decrease
0x0c 0x0067 Picture-in-Picture Toggle 0x00ab KEYCODE_WINDOW Added in aosp/1365553
0x0c 0x0069 Red Menu Button 0x18e KEY_RED 0x00b7 KEYCODE_PROG_RED Added in aosp/1388616
0x0c 0x006a Green Menu Button 0x18f KEY_GREEN 0x00b8 KEYCODE_PROG_GREEN Added in aosp/1388616
0x0c 0x006b Blue Menu Button 0x191 KEY_BLUE 0x00ba KEYCODE_PROG_BLUE Added in aosp/1388616
0x0c 0x006c Yellow Menu Button 0x190 KEY_YELLOW 0x00b9 KEYCODE_PROG_YELLOW Added in aosp/1388616
0x0c 0x0081 Assign Selection
0x0c 0x0082 Mode Step
0x0c 0x0083 Recall Last 0x0195 KEY_LAST 0xe5 KEYCODE_LAST_CHANNEL Added in aosp/1365551
0x0c 0x0084 Enter Channel
0x0c 0x0085 Order Movie
0x0c 0x0088 Media Select Computer 0x0178 KEY_PC
0x0c 0x0089 Media Select TV 0x0179 KEY_TV 3.0 0x00aa KEYCODE_TV
0x0c 0x008a Media Select WWW 0x0096 KEY_WWW 1.6 0x0040 KEYCODE_EXPLORER
0x0c 0x008b Media Select DVD 0x0185 KEY_DVD
0x0c 0x008c Media Select Telephone 0x00a9 KEY_PHONE 3.0 0x0005 KEYCODE_CALL
0x0c 0x008d Media Select Program Guide 0x016a KEY_PROGRAM 3.0 0x00ac KEYCODE_GUIDE
0x0c 0x008e Media Select Video Phone 0x01a0 KEY_VIDEOPHONE
0x0c 0x008f Media Select Games 0x01a1 KEY_GAMES
0x0c 0x0090 Media Select Messages 0x018c KEY_MEMO
0x0c 0x0091 Media Select CD 0x017f KEY_CD
0x0c 0x0092 Media Select VCR 0x017b KEY_VCR
0x0c 0x0093 Media Select Tuner 0x0182 KEY_TUNER
0x0c 0x0094 Quit 0x00ae KEY_EXIT
0x0c 0x0095 Help 0x008a KEY_HELP
0x0c 0x0096 Media Select Tape 0x0180 KEY_TAPE
0x0c 0x0097 Media Select Cable 0x017a KEY_TV2
0x0c 0x0098 Media Select Satellite 0x017d KEY_SAT
0x0c 0x0099 Media Select Security
0x0c 0x009a Media Select Home 0x016e KEY_PVR 3.0 0x00ad KEYCODE_DVR
0x0c 0x0061 Closed caption 0x0172 KEY_SUBTITLE 0x00af KEYCODE_CAPTIONS Added in aosp/1365552
0x0c 0x009c Channel Increment 0x0192 KEY_CHANNELUP 3.0 0x00a6 KEYCODE_CHANNEL_UP
0x0c 0x009d Channel Decrement 0x0193 KEY_CHANNELDOWN 3.0 0x00a7 KEYCODE_CHANNEL_DOWN
0x0c 0x009e Media Select SAP
0x0c 0x00a0 VCR Plus 0x017c KEY_VCR2
0x0c 0x00a1 Once
0x0c 0x00a2 Daily
0x0c 0x00a3 Weekly
0x0c 0x00a4 Monthly
0x0c 0x00b0 Play 0x00cf KEY_PLAY 3.0 0x007e KEYCODE_MEDIA_PLAY
0x0c 0x00b1 Pause 0x0077 KEY_PAUSE 3.0 0x0079 KEYCODE_BREAK
0x0c 0x00b2 Record 0x00a7 KEY_RECORD 3.0 0x0082 KEYCODE_MEDIA_RECORD
0x0c 0x00b3 Fast Forward 0x00d0 KEY_FASTFORWARD 3.0 0x005a KEYCODE_MEDIA_FAST_FORWARD
0x0c 0x00b4 Rewind 0x00a8 KEY_REWIND 3.0 0x0059 KEYCODE_MEDIA_REWIND
0x0c 0x00b5 Scan Next Track 0x00a3 KEY_NEXTSONG 3.0 0x0057 KEYCODE_MEDIA_NEXT
0x0c 0x00b6 Scan Previous Track 0x00a5 KEY_PREVIOUSSONG 3.0 0x0058 KEYCODE_MEDIA_PREVIOUS
0x0c 0x00b7 Stop 0x00a6 KEY_STOPCD 3.0 0x0056 KEYCODE_MEDIA_STOP
0x0c 0x00b8 Eject 0x00a1 KEY_EJECTCD 3.0 0x0081 KEYCODE_MEDIA_EJECT
0x0c 0x00b9 Random Play
0x0c 0x00ba Select Disc
0x0c 0x00bb Enter Disc
0x0c 0x00bc Repeat 0x01b7 KEY_MEDIA_REPEAT
0x0c 0x00be Track Normal
0x0c 0x00c0 Frame Forward
0x0c 0x00c1 Frame Back
0x0c 0x00c2 Mark
0x0c 0x00c3 Clear Mark
0x0c 0x00c4 Repeat From Mark
0x0c 0x00c5 Return To Mark
0x0c 0x00c6 Search Mark Forward
0x0c 0x00c7 Search Mark Backwards
0x0c 0x00c8 Counter Reset
0x0c 0x00c9 Show Counter
0x0c 0x00ca Tracking Increment
0x0c 0x00cb Tracking Decrement
0x0c 0x00cc Stop / Eject
0x0c 0x00cd Play / Pause 0x00a4 KEY_PLAYPAUSE 3.0 0x0055 KEYCODE_MEDIA_PLAY_PAUSE
0x0c 0x00ce Play / Skip
0x0c 0x00e2 Mute 0x0071 KEY_MUTE 3.0 0x00a4 KEYCODE_VOLUME_MUTE
0x0c 0x00e5 Bass Boost 0x00d1 KEY_BASSBOOST
0x0c 0x00e6 Surround Mode
0x0c 0x00e7 Loudness
0x0c 0x00e8 MPX
0x0c 0x00e9 Volume Increment 0x0073 KEY_VOLUMEUP 1.6 0x0018 KEYCODE_VOLUME_UP
0x0c 0x00ea Volume Decrement 0x0072 KEY_VOLUMEDOWN 1.6 0x0019 KEYCODE_VOLUME_DOWN
0x0c 0x0173 Alternate Audio Increment 0x00de KEYCODE_MEDIA_AUDIO_TRACK Added in aosp/1365554
0x0c 0x0181 AL Launch Button Config. Tool
0x0c 0x0182 AL Programmable Button Config. 0x009c KEY_BOOKMARKS 3.0 0x00ae KEYCODE_BOOKMARK
0x0c 0x0183 AL Consumer Control Config. 0x00ab KEY_CONFIG 4.0.3 0x00d1 KEYCODE_MUSIC
0x0c 0x0184 AL Word Processor 0x01a5 KEY_WORDPROCESSOR
0x0c 0x0185 AL Text Editor 0x01a6 KEY_EDITOR
0x0c 0x0186 AL Spreadsheet 0x01a7 KEY_SPREADSHEET
0x0c 0x0187 AL Graphics Editor 0x01a8 KEY_GRAPHICSEDITOR
0x0c 0x0188 AL Presentation App 0x01a9 KEY_PRESENTATION
0x0c 0x0189 AL Database App 0x01aa KEY_DATABASE
0x0c 0x018a AL Email Reader 0x009b KEY_MAIL 1.6 0x0041 KEYCODE_ENVELOPE
0x0c 0x018b AL Newsreader 0x01ab KEY_NEWS
0x0c 0x018c AL Voicemail 0x01ac KEY_VOICEMAIL
0x0c 0x018d AL Contacts / Address Book 0x01ad KEY_ADDRESSBOOK 4.0.3 0x00cf KEYCODE_CONTACTS
0x0c 0x018e AL Calendar / Schedule 0x018d KEY_CALENDAR 4.0.3 0x00d0 KEYCODE_CALENDAR
0x0c 0x018f AL Task / Project Manager
0x0c 0x0190 AL Log / Journal / Timecard
0x0c 0x0191 AL Checkbook / Finance 0x00db KEY_FINANCE
0x0c 0x0192 AL Calculator 0x008c KEY_CALC 4.0.3 0x00d2 KEYCODE_CALCULATOR
0x0c 0x0193 AL A/V Capture / Playback
0x0c 0x0194 AL Local Machine Browser 0x0090 KEY_FILE
0x0c 0x0195 AL LAN/WAN Browser
0x0c 0x0196 AL Internet Browser 0x0096 KEY_WWW 1.6 0x0040 KEYCODE_EXPLORER
0x0c 0x0197 AL Remote Networking/ISP Connect
0x0c 0x0198 AL Network Conference
0x0c 0x0199 AL Network Chat 0x00d8 KEY_CHAT
0x0c 0x019a AL Telephony / Dialer
0x0c 0x019b AL Logon
0x0c 0x019c AL Logoff 0x01b1 KEY_LOGOFF
0x0c 0x019d AL Logon / Logoff
0x0c 0x019e AL Terminal Lock / Screensaver 0x0098 KEY_COFFEE 4.0 0x001a KEYCODE_POWER
0x0c 0x019f AL Control Panel
0x0c 0x01a0 AL Command Line Processor / Run
0x0c 0x01a1 AL Process / Task Manager
0x0c 0x01a2 AL Select Task / Application
0x0c 0x01a3 AL Next Task / Application
0x0c 0x01a4 AL Previous Task / Application
0x0c 0x01a5 AL Preemptive Halt Task / App.
0x0c 0x01a6 AL Integrated Help Center 0x008a KEY_HELP
0x0c 0x01a7 AL Documents 0x00eb KEY_DOCUMENTS
0x0c 0x01a8 AL Thesaurus
0x0c 0x01a9 AL Dictionary
0x0c 0x01aa AL Desktop
0x0c 0x01ab AL Spell Check 0x01b0 KEY_SPELLCHECK
0x0c 0x01ac AL Grammar Check
0x0c 0x01ad AL Wireless Status
0x0c 0x01ae AL Keyboard Layout
0x0c 0x01af AL Virus Protection
0x0c 0x01b0 AL Encryption
0x0c 0x01b1 AL Screen Saver
0x0c 0x01b2 AL Alarms
0x0c 0x01b3 AL Clock
0x0c 0x01b4 AL File Browser
0x0c 0x01b5 AL Power Status
0x0c 0x01b6 AL Image Browser 0x00e2 KEY_MEDIA 3.0 0x004f KEYCODE_HEADSETHOOK
0x0c 0x01b7 AL Audio Browser 0x00d5 KEY_SOUND 4.0.3 0x00d1 KEYCODE_MUSIC
0x0c 0x01b8 AL Movie Browser
0x0c 0x01b9 AL Digital Rights Manager
0x0c 0x01ba AL Digital Wallet
0x0c 0x01bc AL Instant Messaging 0x01ae KEY_MESSENGER
0x0c 0x01bd AL OEM Features / Tips Browser 0x0166 KEY_INFO
0x0c 0x01be AL OEM Help
0x0c 0x01bf AL Online Community
0x0c 0x01c0 AL Entertainment Content Browser
0x0c 0x01c1 AL Online Shopping Browser
0x0c 0x01c2 AL SmartCard Information / Help
0x0c 0x01c3 AL Market / Finance Browser
0x0c 0x01c4 AL Customized Corp. News Browser
0x0c 0x01c5 AL Online Activity Browser
0x0c 0x01c6 AL Research / Search Browser
0x0c 0x01c7 AL Audio Player
0x0c 0x0201 AC New 0x00b5 KEY_NEW
0x0c 0x0202 AC Open 0x0086 KEY_OPEN
0x0c 0x0203 AC Close 0x00ce KEY_CLOSE
0x0c 0x0204 AC Exit 0x00ae KEY_EXIT
0x0c 0x0205 AC Maximize
0x0c 0x0206 AC Minimize
0x0c 0x0207 AC Save 0x00ea KEY_SAVE
0x0c 0x0208 AC Print 0x00d2 KEY_PRINT
0x0c 0x0209 AC Properties 0x0082 KEY_PROPS
0x0c 0x021a AC Undo 0x0083 KEY_UNDO
0x0c 0x021b AC Copy 0x0085 KEY_COPY
0x0c 0x021c AC Cut 0x0089 KEY_CUT
0x0c 0x021d AC Paste 0x0087 KEY_PASTE
0x0c 0x021e AC Select All
0x0c 0x021f AC Find 0x0088 KEY_FIND
0x0c 0x0220 AC Find and Replace
0x0c 0x0221 AC Search 0x00d9 KEY_SEARCH 1.6 0x0054 KEYCODE_SEARCH
0x0c 0x0222 AC Go To 0x0162 KEY_GOTO
0x0c 0x0223 AC Home 0x00ac KEY_HOMEPAGE 3.0 0x0003 KEYCODE_HOME
0x0c 0x0224 AC Back 0x009e KEY_BACK 1.6 0x0004 KEYCODE_BACK
0x0c 0x0225 AC Forward 0x009f KEY_FORWARD 3.0 0x007d KEYCODE_FORWARD
0x0c 0x0226 AC Stop 0x0080 KEY_STOP 3.0 0x0056 KEYCODE_MEDIA_STOP
0x0c 0x0227 AC Refresh 0x00ad KEY_REFRESH
0x0c 0x0228 AC Previous Link
0x0c 0x0229 AC Next Link
0x0c 0x022a AC Bookmarks 0x009c KEY_BOOKMARKS 3.0 0x00ae KEYCODE_BOOKMARK
0x0c 0x022b AC History
0x0c 0x022c AC Subscriptions
0x0c 0x022d AC Zoom In 0x01a2 KEY_ZOOMIN
0x0c 0x022e AC Zoom Out 0x01a3 KEY_ZOOMOUT
0x0c 0x022f AC Zoom 0x01a4 KEY_ZOOMRESET 2
0x0c 0x0230 AC Full Screen View
0x0c 0x0231 AC Normal View
0x0c 0x0232 AC View Toggle
0x0c 0x0233 AC Scroll Up 0x00b1 KEY_SCROLLUP 3.0 0x005c KEYCODE_PAGE_UP
0x0c 0x0234 AC Scroll Down 0x00b2 KEY_SCROLLDOWN 3.0 0x005d KEYCODE_PAGE_DOWN
0x0c 0x0236 AC Pan Left
0x0c 0x0237 AC Pan Right
0x0c 0x0239 AC New Window
0x0c 0x023a AC Tile Horizontally
0x0c 0x023b AC Tile Vertically
0x0c 0x023c AC Format
0x0c 0x023d AC Edit
0x0c 0x023e AC Bold
0x0c 0x023f AC Italics
0x0c 0x0240 AC Underline
0x0c 0x0241 AC Strikethrough
0x0c 0x0242 AC Subscript
0x0c 0x0243 AC Superscript
0x0c 0x0244 AC All Caps
0x0c 0x0245 AC Rotate
0x0c 0x0246 AC Resize
0x0c 0x0247 AC Flip horizontal
0x0c 0x0248 AC Flip Vertical
0x0c 0x0249 AC Mirror Horizontal
0x0c 0x024a AC Mirror Vertical
0x0c 0x024b AC Font Select
0x0c 0x024c AC Font Color
0x0c 0x024d AC Font Size
0x0c 0x024e AC Justify Left
0x0c 0x024f AC Justify Center H
0x0c 0x0250 AC Justify Right
0x0c 0x0251 AC Justify Block H
0x0c 0x0252 AC Justify Top
0x0c 0x0253 AC Justify Center V
0x0c 0x0254 AC Justify Bottom
0x0c 0x0255 AC Justify Block V
0x0c 0x0256 AC Indent Decrease
0x0c 0x0257 AC Indent Increase
0x0c 0x0258 AC Numbered List
0x0c 0x0259 AC Restart Numbering
0x0c 0x025a AC Bulleted List
0x0c 0x025b AC Promote
0x0c 0x025c AC Demote
0x0c 0x025d AC Yes
0x0c 0x025e AC No
0x0c 0x025f AC Cancel 0x00df KEY_CANCEL
0x0c 0x0260 AC Catalog
0x0c 0x0261 AC Buy / Checkout
0x0c 0x0262 AC Add to Cart
0x0c 0x0263 AC Expand
0x0c 0x0264 AC Expand All
0x0c 0x0265 AC Collapse
0x0c 0x0266 AC Collapse All
0x0c 0x0267 AC Print Preview
0x0c 0x0268 AC Paste Special
0x0c 0x0269 AC Insert Mode
0x0c 0x026a AC Delete
0x0c 0x026b AC Lock
0x0c 0x026c AC Unlock
0x0c 0x026d AC Protect
0x0c 0x026e AC Unprotect
0x0c 0x026f AC Attach Comment
0x0c 0x0270 AC Delete Comment
0x0c 0x0271 AC View Comment
0x0c 0x0272 AC Select Word
0x0c 0x0273 AC Select Sentence
0x0c 0x0274 AC Select Paragraph
0x0c 0x0275 AC Select Column
0x0c 0x0276 AC Select Row
0x0c 0x0277 AC Select Table
0x0c 0x0278 AC Select Object
0x0c 0x0279 AC Redo / Repeat 0x00b6 KEY_REDO
0x0c 0x027a AC Sort
0x0c 0x027b AC Sort Ascending
0x0c 0x027c AC Sort Descending
0x0c 0x027d AC Filter
0x0c 0x027e AC Set Clock
0x0c 0x027f AC View Clock
0x0c 0x0280 AC Select Time Zone
0x0c 0x0281 AC Edit Time Zones
0x0c 0x0282 AC Set Alarm
0x0c 0x0283 AC Clear Alarm
0x0c 0x0284 AC Snooze Alarm
0x0c 0x0285 AC Reset Alarm
0x0c 0x0286 AC Synchronize
0x0c 0x0287 AC Send/Receive
0x0c 0x0288 AC Send To
0x0c 0x0289 AC Reply 0x00e8 KEY_REPLY
0x0c 0x028a AC Reply All
0x0c 0x028b AC Forward Msg 0x00e9 KEY_FORWARDMAIL
0x0c 0x028c AC Send 0x00e7 KEY_SEND
0x0c 0x028d AC Attach File
0x0c 0x028e AC Upload
0x0c 0x028f AC Download (Save Target As)
0x0c 0x0290 AC Set Borders
0x0c 0x0291 AC Insert Row
0x0c 0x0292 AC Insert Column
0x0c 0x0293 AC Insert File
0x0c 0x0294 AC Insert Picture
0x0c 0x0295 AC Insert Object
0x0c 0x0296 AC Insert Symbol
0x0c 0x0297 AC Save and Close
0x0c 0x0298 AC Rename
0x0c 0x0299 AC Merge
0x0c 0x029a AC Split
0x0c 0x029b AC Distribute Horizontally
0x0c 0x029c AC Distribute Vertically

Additional non-HID mappings

These mappings describe functions that do not appear in HID but for which Linux key codes exist.

LKC Linux Key Code Name Version AKC Android Key Code Name Notes
0x01d0 KEY_FN 3.0 0x0077 KEYCODE_FUNCTION
0x01d1 KEY_FN_ESC 3.0 0x006f KEYCODE_ESCAPE 3
0x01d2 KEY_FN_F1 3.0 0x0083 KEYCODE_F1 3
0x01d3 KEY_FN_F2 3.0 0x0084 KEYCODE_F2 3
0x01d4 KEY_FN_F3 3.0 0x0085 KEYCODE_F3 3
0x01d5 KEY_FN_F4 3.0 0x0086 KEYCODE_F4 3
0x01d6 KEY_FN_F5 3.0 0x0087 KEYCODE_F5 3
0x01d7 KEY_FN_F6 3.0 0x0088 KEYCODE_F6 3
0x01d8 KEY_FN_F7 3.0 0x0089 KEYCODE_F7 3
0x01d9 KEY_FN_F8 3.0 0x008a KEYCODE_F8 3
0x01da KEY_FN_F9 3.0 0x008b KEYCODE_F9 3
0x01db KEY_FN_F10 3.0 0x008c KEYCODE_F10 3
0x01dc KEY_FN_F11 3.0 0x008d KEYCODE_F11 3
0x01dd KEY_FN_F12 3.0 0x008e KEYCODE_F12 3
0x01de KEY_FN_1 3.0 0x0008 KEYCODE_1 3
0x01df KEY_FN_2 3.0 0x0009 KEYCODE_2 3
0x01e0 KEY_FN_D 3.0 0x0020 KEYCODE_D 3
0x01e1 KEY_FN_E 3.0 0x0021 KEYCODE_E 3
0x01e2 KEY_FN_F 3.0 0x0022 KEYCODE_F 3
0x01e3 KEY_FN_S 3.0 0x002f KEYCODE_S 3
0x01e4 KEY_FN_B 3.0 0x001e KEYCODE_B 3

Legacy unsupported keys

These mappings appeared in previous versions of Android but were inconsistent with HID or used non-standard Linux key codes. They are no longer supported.

LKC Linux Key Code Name Version AKC Android Key Code Name Notes
0x00db KEY_EMAIL 1.6 0x004d KEYCODE_AT 4
"" "" 4.0 4
0x00e3 KEY_STAR 1.6 0x0011 KEYCODE_STAR 4
"" "" 4.0 4
0x00e4 KEY_SHARP 1.6 0x0012 KEYCODE_POUND 4
"" "" 4.0 4
0x00e5 KEY_SOFT1 1.6 0x0052 KEYCODE_MENU 4
"" "" 4.0 4
0x00e6 KEY_SOFT2 1.6 0x0002 KEYCODE_SOFT_RIGHT 4
"" "" 4.0 4
0x00e7 KEY_SEND 1.6 0x0005 KEYCODE_CALL 4
"" "" 4.0 4
"" "" 4.0 4
"" "" 4.0 4
0x00ea KEY_0_5 1.6 4
0x00eb KEY_2_5 1.6 4


  1. The Android key code associated with common alphanumeric and symbolic keys may vary based on the keyboard layout and language. For historical reasons, the physical scan codes and HID usages associated with keys on a keyboard are often defined positionally even though the labels printed on those keys may vary from one language to another.

    On a US English (QWERTY) keyboard, the top-left alphabetic key is labeled Q. On a French (AZERTY) keyboard, the key in the same position is labeled A. Despite the label, on both keyboards the top-left alphabetic key is referred to using the HID usage 0x07 0x0014 which is mapped to the Linux key code KEY_Q.

    When Android is configured with a US English keyboard layout, then the Linux key code KEY_Q will be mapped to the Android key code KEYCODE_Q and will produce the characters 'Q' and 'q'. However, when Android is configured with a French keyboard layout, then the Linux key code KEY_Q will be mapped to the Android key code KEYCODE_A and will produce the characters 'A' and 'a'.

    The Android key code typically reflects the language-specific interpretation of the key, so a different Android key code may be used for different languages.

  2. 0x0c 0x022f AC Zoom is defined in the HID as a linear control but the kernel maps it as a key, which is probably incorrect.

  3. The Linux function keys KEY_FN_* are mapped to simpler key codes but are dispatched with the META_FUNCTION meta state bit set to true.

  4. Prior to Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0, the default key layout contained mappings for some extra key codes that were not defined in the mainline Linux kernel headers. These mappings have since been removed because these previously undefined key codes have since been assigned different meanings in more recent versions of the Linux kernel.


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