Run Error Prone bug checker

If you are committing code for Trade Federation, chances are that you will run into an Error Prone-related failure in presubmit at some point.

What is Error Prone?

Error Prone is a static analysis tool for Java that can help find potential issues within the Android code base. See the Error Prone GitHub project for an overview of this distinct project.

Why do we use it in Trade Federation?

There are a lot of contributors to TF. This is meant to ease code reviews and ensure at least minimal quality in CLs.

Error Prone is enforced against all parts of TF, so it also helps to keep the same standard everywhere.

What do I need to look for?

The current list of rules enforced in TF are in: tools/tradefederation/core/

Find related information at

How do I run it locally to check before submitting?

Use the following command: make tradefed-all javac-check -j64 RUN_ERROR_PRONE=true

Error Prone is enforced at build time, meaning the build will fail and the error will appear if a rule is not being respected.