Android Test Station API

Android Test Station offers APIs to schedule test runs, verify progress, and more. You can use them to integrate Test Station into your workflows and services.

API reference

The Android Test Station interface is RESTful, uses resource-oriented URLs, and handles JSON-encoded data.

Version R12 introduces an API explorer that documents the API endpoints, including their parameters and responses. You can use the API explorer to try APIs.

API explorer link

Figure 1. Link to the API explorer

API explorer

Figure 2. API explorer with OpenAPI specification highlighted

Generate a client

You can generate Android Test Station clients from the OpenAPI specification located in the API explorer (at http://localhost:8000/_ah/api_docs/api.json by default).

  1. Download the OpenAPI Generator tool.

  2. Run the following command to generate a client in the specified programming language.

java -jar openapi-generator-cli.jar generate \
    --input-spec http://localhost:8000/_ah/api_docs/api.json \
    --generator-name LANGUAGE \

See the OpenAPI Generator documentation for more information.