Vendor Test Suite (VTS) & Infrastructure

The Android Vendor Test Suite (VTS) provides extensive new functionality for Android testing and promotes a test-driven development process. To help the Android development community interact with test data, Android includes the following testing resources:

  • Systems Testing with VTS. Describes how to use VTS to test an Android native system implementation, set up a testing environment, then test a patch using a VTS plan.
  • VTS Dashboard. Web-based user interface for viewing VTS results. Includes details on:
    • Dashboard database. A scalable back-end to support the continuous integration dashboard.
    • Dashboard UI. A cohesive user interface that uses material design to effectively display information about test results, profiling, and coverage.
    • Dashboard setup. Instructions for setting up and configuring the VTS Dashboard.
  • binder and hwbinder performance tests. Tools for measuring throughput and latency.

For additional details, refer to the Android VTS Codelab on and the Android VTS Products video produced by Google Developers.