Testing and Debugging

This page describes how to test and debug the Wi-Fi implementation using the tools provided in AOSP.


To test the Wi-Fi framework, AOSP provides a mix of unit tests, integration tests (ACTS), and CTS tests.

Unit tests

AOSP includes functional and unit tests for the default Wi-Fi framework: both for the Wi-Fi Manager (app-side code) and the Wi-Fi Service.

Wi-Fi Manager tests:

  • Located in frameworks/base/wifi/tests
  • Run using the following shell executable (read the file for more execution options):

    % ./frameworks/base/wifi/tests/runtest.sh

Wi-Fi Service tests:

  • Located in frameworks/opt/net/wifi/tests/wifitest
  • Run using the following shell executable (read the file for more execution options):

    % ./frameworks/opt/net/wifi/tests/wifitests/runtest.sh

Android Comms Test Suite

The Android Comms Test Suite (ACTS) performs automated testing of connectivity stacks, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular services. The testing tool requires adb and Python, and it can be found in tools/test/connectivity/acts.

The ACTS tests for Wi-FI are found in tools/test/connectivity/acts/tests/google/wifi, with an example test configuration in the same directory: example_config.json.

CTS Tests

The Compatibility Test Suite (CTS) includes tests for the Wi-Fi framework. These are located in cts/tests/tests/net/src/android/net/wifi. The Wi-Fi CTS tests require the device-under-test to be associated with an Access Point at the start of the test run.

Enhanced logging options

Android 9 improves Wi-Fi logging to make it easier to debug Wi-Fi issues. In Android 9, driver/firmware ring buffers can always be on. Bug reports may automatically be triggered when a bad state is detected (only in userdebug and eng builds). When the latest Wi-Fi HAL (version 1.2) is used, firmware debug buffers are stored in the HAL instead of the framework to save IPC costs.


For a reference implementation, see the default implementation in the vendor HAL.

You can disable firmware logging by setting the resource, config_wifi_enable_wifi_firmware_debugging, to false.

Integration test (ACTS)

The integration test can be found at /tools/test/connectivity/acts/tests/google/wifi/WifiDiagnosticsTest.py.

Verified firmware dumps are persisted in the appropriate tombstone directory in flash for userdebug builds. Dumpstate collects from this directory when creating a bug report.

Manual test

Run this manual test to verify that old files in the tombstone directory are being deleted.

  1. Turn on Wi-Fi.
  2. Connect to a network.
  3. Generate a bug report.
  4. Inspect the bugreport zip file and verify that /lshal-debug/android.hardware.wifi@1.2__IWifi_default.txt holds the archived firmware logs.