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Multi-Display Overview

Android 10 provides new and updated features to Multi-Display (MD). The goals of these new and updated features are to:

  • Support input, an Input Method Editor (IME), and focus handling.
  • Add features asked for by device manufacturers, developers, and users.
  • Provide default implementations.
  • Deliver a system on which to support new projects and use cases.


MD content is organized as follows:

Topic Area Article
Developing and testing Recommended Practices
Testing and Development Environment
Frequently Asked Questions
Collections of related articles Displays
System Decorations Support
Input Method Editor Support
Individual articles Multi-Resume
Activity Launch Policy
Lock Screen
Input Routing
Multi-Zone Audio


Throughout these articles, primary and secondary displays are defined as follows:

  • Primary (default) display has the display ID of DEFAULT_DISPLAY
  • Secondary display has a display ID not DEFAULT_DISPLAY