Develop Tradefed

This section is aimed at Tradefed developers. If you are interested in extending TF or adding new test support, this is the section for you.

Open source

If you plan to use the open source variant of Trade Federation, use these commands to check out and build the AOSP main branch of Trade Federation:

cd <sourceroot>
mkdir main
cd main
repo init -u -b main
repo sync -c -j8
source build/
lunch aosp_cf_x86_64_phone-userdebug # or any other device target
m -j tradefed-all

See Development Environment for more details.

All open-sourceable Trade Federation code is stored in the tools/tradefederation/ git project of AOSP. Please keep the open source guidelines in mind when writing code and submitting changes.

Alternatively, if you are creating tests/utilities that use Trade Federation but aren't working on the framework itself, consider placing your work inside one of the Trade Federation contrib projects to speed approvals.

Coding style

Trade Federation follows the Android coding style guidelines, with the following clarifications: interface names are prefixed with 'I' e.g. ITestDevice.

Develop using Eclipse

If you are interested in using Eclipse in developing Tradefed, refer to Set up Eclipse IDE for tips on setting up your environment.

Run Tradefed's tests

You made a change to Trade Federation and you are searching how to test it? see Running Trade Federation's tests.


If you seek a deeper understanding of the innerworkings of Tradefed, see the Architecture section.