Camera Preview Stabilization

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For devices running Android 13 or higher, the camera framework provides support for video stabilization on the preview stream and other non-RAW streams in camera capture sessions. This feature lets third-party apps provide a what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) experience when comparing between the camera preview and the recording.


To provide third-party apps with this feature, device manufacturers must advertise support for the following keys and implement preview stabilization algorithms in the camera HAL:

To modify the default settings for this feature, assign a default value in the capture request template when creating a capture request using createCaptureRequest.

For a reference implementation of this feature, see the code for EmulatedCamera in Cuttlefish at hardware/google/camera/devices/EmulatedCamera/hwl/EmulatedSensor.cpp.

For more details on video stabilization modes, see CONTROL_VIDEO_STABILIZATION_MODE.


To test your implementation of this feature, use the following CTS and ITS tests:


ITS (tests field of view and stabilization quality):