TF development environment

Trade Federation is distributed with the AOSP and uses the Android build system to create its binary. Make sure you've established a build environment to compile and run packages from the Android source tree.

Build Tradefed

From the root directory of the Android source tree:

source ./build/make/
lunch <device-target>
make tradefed-all -j8

See Developing Tradefed for more details about how to set up your environment for coding in Tradefed.

Download Tradefed

You can download already built Tradefed packages ready to use from the Continuous Integration Dashboard in the test_suites_x86_64 column; look for the file in the Build Artifacts tab.

Once unzipped, you can simply invoke ./ directly from the unzipped directory.

Run from command line

Tradefed requires the adb utility in your $PATH:

export PATH=$PATH:<path/to/adb>

If Tradefed was built, the launcher script is accessible from your path. To launch the Trade Federation Console:

Now your environment is set up for Trade Federation.