Capture Content for Notes

Starting with Android 14, the Capture Content for Notes APIs let users capture a screenshot directly through the default note-taking app. With these APIs, users can have a multitasking note-taking experience by clipping preferred content on their screen and pasting it into a note.

The Capture Content for Notes APIs are designed specifically for apps holding the NOTES role. Android 14 uses the LAUNCH_CAPTURE_CONTENT_ACTIVITY_FOR_NOTE permission to ensure that only NOTES role holder apps can use the Capture Content for Notes APIs. Apps must check if they have the permission before calling the APIs. OEMs can let users set their default note-taking app by enabling the NOTES role.

See the following for more information about the Capture Content for Notes APIs:

OEM customization for Capture Content for Notes

The NOTES role lets users select an eligible note taking app to be the default notes app. An OEM can control the availability of the NOTES role on a device by setting config_enableDefaultNotes. The value of config_enableDefaultNotes is set to false by default.

If the NOTES role is enabled, the OEM must support the Capture Content for Notes APIs by providing the necessary customizations and system note-taking integrations. OEMs can choose to customize the default AOSP implementation, or provide their implementation by overriding config_screenshotAppClipsServiceComponent or config_screenshotAppClipsActivityComponent. Refer to the notetask package for a default system note-taking integration implementation.

Changes are required in System UI for implementing the Capture Content for Notes APIs. OEMs can customize the UI to trigger and edit a screenshot and provide the implementation in the Android System UI. As an example of OEM customized integration, the System UI can launch a NOTES role holder app on the lock screen using a lock screen shortcut, such as a button or icon on the lock screen or a stylus-based gesture. Similarly, on the home screen the System UI can launch the NOTES role holder app in a multitasking window mode, such as a bubble window or floating window, by a stylus-based gesture.

Validation of Capture Content for Notes

For CTS-Verifier testing, see Capture Content for Notes test.